Can I (a Christian) go out with a jw?

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  • asdf44

    Ok, this is burning me up inside. I really like this girl I work with. She's a few years older than me, but we get along great. I don't go to church, and am only a Christian because my parents were. We've talked about religion before, and have came to understand that that most of the beliefs of jw's are not unfounded. Some views are extreme, such as the view of governments, and some sex practices, but overall, jw's are not that extreme as some people make them out to be. So, what are the odds I could go out with her if I asked?

  • Cc81

    if shes a "good" witness, you probably dont have a chance in hell.

  • real one
    real one

    dont waste your time

  • asdf44

    Uh...not the response I wanted, but I figured I would get that. There have been successful relationships though, right? Someone give me some kind of hope just to make me feel better.

  • Cc81

    sorry guy... Not to my knowledge. maybe someone else will have a better answer for u

  • carla

    What do you mean some of their beliefs are not that extreme? I'm married to one, he joined up after nearly 20 years of marriage. You SERIOUSLY need to do your homework about this dangerous and deadly cult! I wouldn't wish this upon anybody. Run, while you have the chance. There are plenty of fish in the sea, find one who has full control over their mind and body and is not controlled by ungodly men in NY and her local window washer elders. (no offense window washers but you are not qualified in the mental health arena)

    Here's the life you lead with a jw with nothing held back ok? First and foremost the organization comes first no matter what, and I mean no matter what, death, suicide, hopitilization, you name it the org will come first. Secondly anything you say to her, anything at all, no matter how personal WILL make the rounds in the congregation. Should you decide to marry her undestand that your sex life will be controlled by the men in her congregation and in NY. The jw's will dictate what movies, shows, books, games and even her make up and clothing will be decided by the organization. You will be lucky if you are 'second' on her list as of course the cong, meetings, field service and any other jw thing will always be first, even before her own children. This is the short list for you.

    Should you decide to marry her and remain a ubm (unbelieving mate) you will be considered a walking corpse with everyone pitying her as long as you are with her. She will be considered 'less than' or 'weak' by most of the cong or she may be able to play the poor ubm card for many years with many of the brothers taking an intersest in her 'unfortunate' situation. Again, all I can say is run. If you ever have children warn them of the dangers of cults and how close you came to your nether region getting you involved with a dangerous and deadly cult.

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll
    if shes a "good" witness, you probably dont have a chance in hell.

    I know you like this girl, If she is a true JWs NO NO NO

    There are alot of girls out there, you can date.

  • inkling
    There have been successful relationships though, right?

    yes, I have seen a few examples. Often either the non-JW converts, or they both fall away.

    Either way her dating a non-JW will cause a huge stir and will get her into trouble.

    I don't see the harm in trying, but be prepared for things to crash and burn.


  • R.Crusoe

    If you're after a fling and she gives, maybe fine (I even know of special 'married' pioneers who had flings with their part time workmen and simply reinstated later) but as to long term - no comment!

  • Hope4Others

    You could ask her out and get your heart crushed when she says NO, or you can save yourself the trouble and move on!



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