My life - A brief history. Part 1

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  • daniel-p

    Excellent first post, Galileo. looking forward to the continuation of your story.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Great Part 1 story.

    I find much of your query to be similar to my own at times.
    There is so much that WTS tried to force down our throats.

    Today, I am learning for the sake of educating myself without credit.
    I look upon it as a journey instead of a career goal.

    Looking forward to your further inputs on JWD.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Welcome. Nice first post.

    I am only beginning in many ways, a journey postponed, in an educational sense, in 1973. I have not elected college, as the diploma would look nice, but at almost 53, likely not of great value to me economically. But I read voraciously now, and so can relate to that part of your story.

    Looking forward to Part II


  • undercover


    607 was a biggie for me as well.

  • Galileo

    Wow, you guys, the response has been overwhelming. It's so incredible the community that has formed here. What would we all do without the internet? Look for part 2 tonight. It's getting kind of long, so there may be a part 3 as well.

    Seeker, that's wonderful. Writing for a living has been my dream since I was ten or eleven. I have published a few articles in the technology field, but I don't know if I have the self discipline to make it a career.

  • darkuncle29

    Welcome Galileo, I look forward to part 2.

    What type of courses have you found in audiobook?

  • Galileo

    A lot of History and Science. My local library carries a lot of stuff from The Teaching Company. Here's their website. If your library doesn't carry anything you're interested in you can request what you want through the inter-library loan program (although this often takes a long time).

    Sorry everyone on the delay of posting part 2. I had some issues come up late this evening that I had to take care of immediately. I should be able to finish it and post it tomorrow evening.

  • Borgia

    Hi Galileo,

    Welcome to the board. Your first post is written well. Looking forward to part 2.

    My brother is still in deep. Last week he told me he was doing some course to keep up with his pension brokerage business. I asked him if he did notice how the society was frowning upon further education.......He looked at me a few moments, his mouth became a straight line and said: To hell with them.....My response: may your wish be granted!

    I feel that a lot of Ex Jw's and fading Jw's have his issue: skipped education because of faulty religious thinking.



  • dawg

    I learned of 607 only recently... but I figured out the GB were full of poppycock by using their own foolish words against them.. I can't remember the exact quote, but when I came across it I almost hurled... it had to do with other religions making predictions that didn't come true, and the quote was something to the effect of, "their own foolish fleshly thinking"... I realized then and there I'd been duped. Welcome to the board.

  • Sunspot

    Hello and welcome Galileo!

    Learning history (and math) were terribly difficult for me.....and a great deal of the WT studies were a real struggle for me to make myself sit down and "get to". They were not fun nor pleasant reading. It was pure drudgery for me. WTS history was pretty much fiction now that I have had the chance to view it with a scales removed.

    Having walked away from the WTS after 30 years of servitude to them.....I DO study a lot more bible-related things now, WHEN I want to and HOW I want time frame to meet or pages that need underlining before the next meeting. What pressure has been lifted! Christian freedom is the BEST!

    I look forward to your next installment and your future posts.



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