help me choose a new mp3 player please?

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  • carla

    I need a new mp3 but am somewhat techno challenged. I really want it for some classes I can download and listen to. I will add music as soon as my kid shows me a site that will not alert the FBI or get me fined for ripping off music. How much GB should I have? do I really need the video option? I know IPOD is the big name but I don't care about having an "IPOD", anything that works is fine. Thanks much.

  • FadingAway

    I have a 30 GB Creative Zen Vision: M that I bought 2 years ago for $250.00. It has the abilty to play video on it which was a plus for me since I have software that will convert DVD to AVI so I can watch it on my player. I have about 5 or 6 films and a season of Smallville loaded on it now. I also have plenty of music on it also. I use the Napster service also for about $15 a month to download music. The music file are Digital Rights Managed (DRM) so they are legal to download to your PC and player. You can't swap these files with others (though there is software to do it).

    As far as storage of music, I looked at my player and an audio file that's an hour long takes up 60 mb. I think my math is correct then to say that I could store about 17 hours worth of audio files in MP3 per GB.

  • UnConfused

    I have an iRock, iRiver, iPod Shuffle and they are all good for playing music. What I HATE is iTUNES! So if I were buying another one right now I would stay away from iPods due to iTunes.

  • momzcrazy

    My kids have mp3's and they broke. We got them ipod nanos for christmas. And then someone gave my husband an ipod touch. It is amazing. They all have TV shows and music videos on them. And we hook them up to the car stereo and listen in the car, and the stereo at home.

    It's nice to have something from a well known company. And while I balked at getting them, I am glad we did.


  • babygirl75

    I know you don't care about the "I-pod" name; but I think you would be much happier if you did purchase one verses another mp3 player. I have the 30GB I-pod Video and love it!!!! I've got tons of movies, pictures, music, video's on mine and have only used 6-7 GB's. It's amazing how much it will hold! I-tunes isn't that bad, once you get used to it.

  • brinjen

    I've got an iPod nano, the 8Gb version. They started out as crappy players but they've improved a lot over the years, I'm glad I've got mine.

    I did have a Creative MuVo 4Gb player that died (internal hard drive problems) so I like to stick to flash memory based players now.

    Before I got the iPod I was using iTunes mostly anyway, (except on the Creative player) so that part made no difference.

  • JK666

    Just curious, does anyone have a Zune and like it?


  • mrsjones5

    I have an iPod Nano, an iTouch, and an iPhone and I love all three but my one gripe is I can't download anything onto my Nano from my laptop because of Apple's propritary rules - my husband set the Nano up on his Mac which is on the frits so at this moment the Nano is useless to me and I would really like to let my daughter use it.

  • Leolaia

    I have a 80GB video iPod. I've put lots of TV shows and movies on it (using SUPER, a free downloadable program, to convert them to iPod format), plus pictures, and have had so much fun doing that, I haven't even put the tons of music I have on it.

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    I reckon I'm the only one with a Zune. Bought it mainly for the 80gb storage. Haven't really used it that much yet but I find it easy enough to navigate. I have about 60+ gigs of music that could be put on it and it's great to have at the drums to play along with any song in the collection or FM radio in an instant.

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