Radio programme tonight, trying to get witnesing banned in Aust.

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  • DJK
    By the end of the segment he had decided that he was going to get a petition together and try to get Witnessing banned in Australia.

    If they make it a jailable offense, they'll need a bigger jail.

  • brinjen

    But how do you prove they were there in the first place? IWhat if they claim they didn't see the sign? As for the anti-telemarketer laws, we have a no telemarketing registrar here too, doesn't work as there is a legal loophole that if you have a business relationship with that company, they have the legal right to call you with their latest offer. Charities, religious organisations & political parties are completely exempt.

    A lot of people don't know about the 'do not call' list, no. Maybe they can find out by bringing this issue out for debate?

  • R.Crusoe

    The joke is that they are free to knock on your door but if ex JWs or even 'Babylon' went to JWs to preach their message ?????????

    Dwell on their double standard!

    They surely are hypocrites!

  • DT
    A lot of people don't know about the 'do not call' list, no. Maybe they can find out by bringing this issue out for debate?

    Yes, this issue should have more publicity. Hopefully, this petition will help. I don't think it will succeed and wouldn't want it to, but it would be great if it caused people to discuss other approaches or at least realise that they can tell the Witnesses to put them on their do no call list.

  • quietlyleaving
    I also apologized on air to all those people over the years I'd bothered knocking on there door all hours of the day and evening.


  • Hope4Others

    He is quite vocal isn't he? Wow he's even called someone an idiot, He has valid points I'm just surprised the station is letting him say as much as he is. Is this satellite radio?

    I do agree that there are other means to learn of religion these days instead of door pounding. Perhaps the Wt needs to look to other more inventive ideas.

    God Bothers take heed.

    We all want the Saturday in sleep too.


  • Summer wine
    Summer wine

    The problem is, the WT will use it as either persecution, or if other religions are included, that the goverment is turning on religion. Which is something they have been saying will happen just before the Great tribulation.

    Think how many inactive or exJws who dont know the truth and still think it is, will flood back to the WT.

    It may help a few people not get involved or a lot who get fed up ( me included) with the knocking, but I think this would help the WT not hinder it.

  • JAVA

    I don't think for a minute that a ban on their door to door activity will pass. However, it's always good to see that the dubs are looked at in such favorable light--it gives a "good witness."

  • Junction-Guy

    There have been alot of good ideas floated around on this thread. I believe there is a way that it can be done, without making it look like it is singling out religion, and it could be effective.

    However they ought to put the burden of it upon the homeowner, instead of the government, then it might be able to past constitutional muster.

    Keep up the good ideas folks, and one of these days we will find a way to beat them at their own game, and turn the table against them.

    perseverance pays off.

  • Lehaa

    Thanks all for you're responses.

    I really think that a law should be passed in Australia to stop any religious bodies, charity organisations and any other organisations coming uninvited to your door.

    My time with my family is precious and I really hate people disturbing that.

    I'd also love to have the witnesses banned from door nocking so my poor kids don't have to be dragged form door to door with there dad every other weekend.

    Hope for others, it's not a satelite radio station, normal free to air station, but it's on after 9.30 so he has a lot more freedom in what he says.

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