How many here are using Vista?

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  • dinah

    And how many of you hate it??

    We've got to get a new computer because this one's about to die. Everything has vista, but I've heard so many people say they hate it. What are the major problems, peeves people have about Vista?

  • badboy


  • IP_SEC

    I've not had a single problem with vista.

    It's a little different if you are used to using xp.

    I dont jump on the hate microsoft band wagon just because its cool.

  • AlphaOmega

    I hated it and "downgraded" back to XP.

    None of the software that I had was conmpatible - even with the patches that were released.

    New hardware that I purchased with the Vista compatability sticker didn't actually work.

    I used an MP3 autorenamer, and thanks to Vista the tag info fields didn't line up, and turned all my mp3 ID3 tags into gobbldygook.

    I seriously considered buying a MAC afterwards.

    I like the auto-rename feature for duplicate filenames though.

    Maybe if I had been patient enough to wait for more patches then it would have been okay, but considering that I wasn't a beta tester and the the software was supposed to work, I think it was disgusting !

  • zeroday

    I've had it with MS my next computer will be a Mac...

  • RR

    I bought a new laptop last year and it has Vista, took some time to get use to it. Especially Microsoft Word and the new software they put together for Vista.


  • Hortensia

    I have Vista. No problems. For the most part, don't notice any differences. However, Microsoft Word sucks, as it always has, but it's the one that comes with the computer - I liked Word Perfect, but that is less and less available.

  • AlphaOmega

    I guess that if you are using Vista with the standard software included and up-to-date Microsoft programs, there will be no problems.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    I've been using it on my system for about 7 months now and although it was an annoying adjustment to get to know all the

    extra security features built in, which most can be turned off as I did. I like it now.

    The appearance of it is much better than XP , particularly if your using a wide screen LCD monitor. ( using Aero )

    One thing that should be mentioned is that if your just thinking about upgrading to VISTA and wanting to keep using all of your peripherals like

    printers, scanners , sound cards etc. you should check first if there are drivers and software that supports those particular items

    My personal opinion is if your thinking of changing over to VISTA than you should also buy a whole new system or at least get something that is no more

    older than a year or two old and make sure you have at least 2 gigs of ram installed for a smooth and efficient running system.

    I should also mention too that there is a service package that has been released and is due to be added to windows update shortly, this SP1 is supposed to

    address some of the driver problems that were present from it's first release.

    As the evolution the Windows OS progresses it is inevitable that the software and hardware industry will follow suit in its manufacturing of its products

    so as an edge to keep up to date and not fall behind this evolving industry its certainly something that should be considered

  • MissingLink

    I have Vista on 3 computers. No problems except it was tricky getting a very old scanner to work. The performance is much better on my laptop where I do all of my programming work. My tools ran very slowly on XP, but are great on Vista. Highly recommended.

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