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  • integ

    Not to spoil the fun but I haven't really heard any NEW sense of urgency at all about the end being imminent. Outside of what they have always been saying, and I've got a lot of close relatives very much "in", and they would be talking this up to me.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    "the end" needs to be "close" ... it could not be otherwise

  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad

    In the next to the last verse in the book of Revelation Jesus said that "I am coming quickly."

    That was said 2,000 years ago.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    IP SEC,

    The WTS has tapped into the people's survival instinct and is manipulating them with it. They are physically free to leave, just not mentally/emotionally free to leave. When you enslave a person's mind, you enslave them physically, as well. You can control them against their will. They are not 100% free to leave. They are also being blackmailed to stay if they have family in.

  • oompa
    Senora: Now, what I want to know is..... what exact proof is there that makes them feel that the end is so extremely iminent? That's what I feel like shouting whey they say..... its right around the corner.

    This has tired me, my Dad, and many others for decades. There is zero change on this point though, for at least 75 or maybe even over 100 years. The bottom line is there is not only no new info, but the truth of the matter is WTBS has forever ignored:

    (Matthew 24:36) 36 "Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.

    and they continure to do so. There is simply no way to declare the certainty of a future event, when divine intervention prohibits anyone from knowing the date.....duh. My Dad and others say the WTBS HAS to keep things urgent, in order to kept everyone in expectation of it. I say...."the sky is falling" gets old to thinking and reasonable people after decades or centuries even.................oompa

  • R.Crusoe

    2bad2sad is spot on!

    Something was coming quickly 2000 yrs ago!

    Looks like everyone missed it!

    The irony is they have been given the biggest dose of SUPERSTITION possible and cant walk under the ladder to a new life for fear of the consequences.

    over 50 million humans die each year ( low estimate) so why are they so worried about the end for their 6 million when it's already happening for way more?

    They somehow feel responsible that their mindset is key to the whole survival of planet Earth!

    Mindset = Chosen

  • Undecided

    Yep, my end is pretty close. I hate that truth but I might as well get used to the idea. I also think the whole world is getting near it's end as we know it today, but that is just a feeling I have from what I see in the world. I hope I'm like the GB's predictions from 1914 till now, and it continues on and on.

    Ken P.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Did something happen that now makes the GB tell the elders, CO's and DO's to relay this information to the rank & file in a vigorous, earnest manner?

    The thing that happened was that they had to manipulate all the data to get "positive" numbers for growth last year.
    They had to encourage inactive ones to hand out flyers of the latest Kingdom News and they had to expand the
    15-minutes minimum for elderly and sickly ones to remain active. This causes the GB to worry that they can't get
    positive numbers next year, so they have to retain as many members as possible.

    One of their tactics in the whisper campaign was to publish that soon the FDS will ask for some things the members
    don't fully understand, and the members should just obey unquestioningly. Key speakers from the GB have dropped
    the bomb in key places that the FDS "feels" that it is ultra-close to the end. This way, there is no declared "end" in
    print. The 1-week school for all elders even contributes to the feeling that drastic measures will soon be taken in the
    iminent tribulation.

    Other factors that contribute to the feelings:
    higher cost of gasoline.
    Residual effects from disasters and terrorist acts of the last 7 or 8 years.
    A new Pope who was formerly in charge of the modern "Inquisition."
    (A brand new one) Fidel Castro steps down.

  • heyfea

    I totally agree with oompa.

  • blondie

    Some things that make some jws think the end is near:

    1) world events in war, weather, etc., but then such things have been evident since 1914

    2) dying off of the anointed, but instead we see an increase the last 2 years

    3) the winding down of the preaching work, but they admit that many individuals have not been reached by jws and may never be reached.

    4) more likely that jws are getting older especially those from the 1975 generation and have been told that they would not die during this system of things but would live through the great tribulation. Instead these jws are drying in greater numbers each year, not realizing this promise and so they want to speed up the end so they don't have to die.

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