Book of Revelation =By John. Was he just on drugs!!

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  • TopHat

    I had the same trouble with the WTS interpretation that you did Irkr. Irkr said: "This is probably one of the key doctrinal problems I had with the org. If you buy into the teaching that the bible was divinely inspired, protected and translated so that it could be faithfully transmitted 2000 years to us today- why did God spend all of that energy to protect a prophecy about 9 guys going to jail for a few months??? And all of this rich, figurative language in Revelation is actually about a tract campaign that no one remembers today or cared about at the time!!??? Oh and a few conventions of a few thousand people where the main event was a prophecy about 1925 that never came true??!!!"

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More


    I like your interpretation of's all so clear to me now!

  • VoidEater

    Mushrooms, rye grain, poetry competitions...and wandering out in the desert for weeks on end. They kinda have their effect.

    Leo: What I wouldn't give for your insight, research, writing, and/or collected knowledge...!

  • WTWizard

    This is a very simple solution. John was bicameral, like the other apostles (meaning he could not do his own thinking). That was very common among the peasants in those days, and the other apostles were picked from among the peasants. This meant he would hallucinate messages for guidance. These hallucinations were recorded as part of the Bible--likely, this time he was hallucinating a vision of the future. Of course, the source of the insight was his right brain. The most common equivalent today is the dream.

    John had his life to work on thinking on his own. To some extent, he may have been successful (though I cannot ascertain to what degree). But, the right brain did store all the experiences and instructions received from Jesus, as well as what he himself experienced. In one final flash of bicamerality, it all came back as if a dream. That is why the whole book is in symbols, and is about as reliable as any dream where the person has been pondering it for nearly a lifetime.

    No, it wasn't drugs. But, it was something that can be replicated with drugs. Today, LSD will cut off conscious thinking and allow one to function in bicameral mode. The other hallucinogens also function by cutting off conscious thinking. Schizophrenia also works by disabling conscious thinking and allowing hallucinations to dominate. None of which I recommend--in fact, I recommend trying to be more independent in thinking as Jesus was, and trying to get the whole puzzle together. That way, you will have better answers (and definitely better than anything the Watchtower Society will ever come up with).

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I know some Brothers who feel away when the red Revalation book came out. One "vision" refers to the Cider point Ohio Convention.....yeah right, whatever. Revalation is all about Rutherford's group of Witnesses and their history???

  • jam

    Germany Dr find traces of cocaine in an Egyptian 3 thousand year old mummified body. So that prove it, John was high on happy drugs when he wrote Revelation. No one in their right mind would come up with such crazy stuff. He may have been on crack.LOL

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