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  • jaguarbass

    I was thinking yesterday when I first read this thread, I never have coincidences anymore, I think I used to have them when I was younger but I dont remember them today.

    Last night at work at the jail, I was telling a female officer how I stayed out of trouble when I was a kid.

    I told her how every day all the boys in the neighborhood would come down my street heading to the school at the end of the street and they would stop and call for me and we would play sports. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey whatever season it was. That is what I did and the kids in my neighborhood did back in the 60's

    Then I did a walk around the cell block and I saw an inmate, his name was familiar. He had the same name as the boy who would call at my house to come out and play sports. I asked him, do you have family in Cleveland? He smiled and said yes. I said how about 7-Hills He said yes, my fathers from 7-Hillls, I said is your father Pete, XX He said yes thats my father.

    I am working in a jail in Tampa Bay Florida and this man is from Cleveland where I grew up. And I played sports everyday with his father back in Cleveland. So I told him to tell his father I said hello. His father lives in Cleveland, his mother lives in Florida. Jr. goes back and forth between the two.

    Thats my coincidence for today. I remember learning in school, anatomy and physiology, that when we are tuned to something we see it. Reading this thread tuned me to coincidences and I had one the same day

    Kind of bizzare and neat.

    I think some people who pursue and tune their conciousness develop psychic abilities.

    Now I'm remembering some other coincidences I have had in the past 10 years, and I think I will go back to my trance semi zombie state and not go any further in developing these abilities or seeing these things. Because they are not always good.

  • nvrgnbk

    It's almost a "miracle" that we don't observe more coincidences.

    We experience more of them as our awareness grows.

    We're all connected, for "better" or for "worse".

  • coffee_black

    In my High School graduating class there were 2 of us who were considered class artists. We alternated winning awards throughout High School. We were opposites....she was a hippie....I was a goody 2 shoes dub. Our art teacher used each of us to challenge the other.

    I hadn't seen her in many years, but we caught up a few years back. I thought the following was interesting.

    She lives on West Main St. in a town that begins with B in a state that borders mine.

    I live on East Main St. in a town that begins with A

    The house numbers contain 2 (out of 3) of the same numbers.

    She lives in the mountains where we spent summers when I was growing up. I live close to our home town.

    I took classes growing up at the Art School where she later got her degree.

    We have both lived very far away and have both come back home to New England.

    We're great friends now....friends we couldn't be in High School 'cause of the borg.

    She has stuck with her art.... Check her out here:


  • ButtLight

    Yesterday, while reading the paper, I found out a woman had died......she has both my first name, and my maiden name......After reading this thread, I'm really hoping there ISNT any coincidence to that one!

  • ninja

    buttlight...yesterday you read that someone had are in the U.S........ yesterday I read that someone had died ...I'm in Scotland..........bloody hell these coincidences get freakier

  • Hope4Others

    professorProfessor Hillary has left the building, I've been waiting two days for my grade. I must admit it's rather borrrinnng.....the wait, small child with huge pencil

    therefore I give myself a 10.

    stick person dancer



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