The Moody Blues - Your Favorite Songs and Albums from them ?

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  • stillajwexelder

    Isnt Life Strange

  • jaguarbass

    Ride my See SAw.

  • Honesty

    The Story in Your Eyes

  • worldtraveller

    Holy Cow, even I forgot The Story in Your Eyes!!!. I also remember the vinyl covers had excellent graphics.

  • restrangled

    I forgot about "Story in Your Eyes" too....memories from the 70's/80' of my old favorites.


  • LoverOfTruth

    I've been to numerous Moody Blues Concerts with my hubby. He knows all of their songs never seems to get enough of them. I enjoy watching Justin Hayward play his red guitar.

    Oh, and they have a new girl with the band. She is a real treat.

  • NewYork44M

    Mr Flipper you bring back memories of a 50 yo male..

    Here is the memory. Early 70s and I am a red blooded male raised in a cultish religion. The one thing that was allowed was skating parties. The best part about a skating party was the couples dance.

    The ALWAYS played "nights in white satin."

    I remember skating with Terry, Angie, and a few other young sisters. I also remember coping a feel (always by accident), and I believe I had my firsrt real "girl" erection during one of those dances.

    Ah, the memories..... and now I am an old man. I can still get an errection, but there is nothing like the first.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    GODZILLA a great song that rocks and don't make you think of the moody blues. sorry that was blue oyster cult stupid me. john

  • tinker

    You 50somthiing guys are all the same......Nights In White Satin and copin a feel. That song takes me,a 50something gal, back to the JW skating parties. I was a fan but it seems to me the guys were really into them. Days of Future Past and The Ohter Side of Life are my favorites. We have all the records, CD's and now on the MP3player. These guys are part of our everyday listening, never grow tired of their style.

    A funny story. My parents were liberal and allowed me to attend concerts and such. My girlfriends parents were very strict but when we talked about going to see the Moody Blues her mom was OK with it because they had a full orchestra backing them. Yeah, like they were a classical group so we couldn't possibly get into trouble.

  • flipper

    STILLA - Time Zone ? You mean the song , " Steppin in a Slide Zone " ? Just curious ? Isn't Life Strange was a good song too !

    JAGUAR BASS- Ride My See Saw was great ! Recieved a lot of airplay.

    HONESTY- The Story in Your Eyes was a great song ! One of my favorites too.

    WORLD TRAVELLER- Yes. I loved the graphics on the albums and album art on Moody Blues albums too. A Question of Balance had Albert Einstein on the cover trying to figure everything out while some salesman is sticking his hand out at you wanting to control you. Then a scene of kids riding motorcycles all being looked at from outer space showing the earth in the background ! Pretty vivid imagery ! Also, the album , To Our Children 's , Children's , Children - That album on the inside cover sleeve shows the Moody Blues sitting in a cave with hyroglyphics on cave walls , sitting around a campfire in the cave ! Pretty cool stuff !

    RESTRANGLED - Story in your Eyes had great lyrics too, a well as music !

    LOVER of TRUTH- Big fan myself ! Been to 3 concerts ! They have a girl with the band now ? Does she play an instrument ? Or just a vocalist ? She's good ? Tell me about her if you will . Can you tell I'm curious ?

    NEW YORK 44 AM- Good for you New York ! Glad I brought back some memories for you ! I too had experiences with females while listening to their music ! I think a lot of chicks liked the Moody Blues ; so they got off on it that I liked them as well ! You know the " sensitive guy thing " ! LOL! Which I was and am , but tough too ! Hey, calling yourself old at 50 , I mean come on guy, I'm only 48 , and I don't feel old . You know the old expression - we are as young as we feel ! Feel young man- and you will be young at heart ! Good post, thanks !

    JOHHNY CIP- Godzilla is a great song ! I loved Blue Oyster Cult ! Still do ! I will start a thread on them in a day or two- and I'll dedicate it to you dude ! How does that sound ? Thanks for reminding me of them - great group ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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