Jesus was a false prophet....

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  • dawg

    THat's what I thought Pro, I already know you'd come up with some BS explaination... See you later man...

  • 5go

    You guys are also over looking the scripture where Jesus said the circuit of Israel would not be completed before the end. Which it was and some and then the Muslims came and took it away and the Christians took it back then Muslims took it away again.

  • proplog2

    Hey Dawg - You kind of asked for it... so here's a little more.

    Amazingly, Jesus prophesied the falling away from his teachings. At the appointed time the true Christian congregation would re-emerge and ripen until it would be clear who were really following the faith.

    This whole process shows an unearthly knowledge of the way the human mind and society has evolved. When it comes to performing tasks the mind has evolved to be concerned with what has to be done RIGHT NOW. As animals we need to take care of things as they emerge in importance. We can't ease our mind with "I'll do it later". If it is in our mind it is RIGHT NOW. If it isn't in our mind it doesn't exist. Our ability to abstract has helped us to make lists where we can prioritize things. But we can't do a list. We have to do one thing at a time.

    So if the apostles were told that it will be two thousand years before Christ would return then they would have done nothing. The same applies to the modern history of JW's. If Russell would have known that the end was 4 generations into the future he wouldn't have spent his life's fortune printing Watchtower, Bibles and Tracts. It would have been simply the Tract Society.

    The time frame of Jesus' prophecies can be understood NOW. This is a case where deception is not misleading. It is leading the congregation in the right direction. It is a case of being wrong for the right reasons.

    The reason Dawg and others find it so easy to ridicule is not that they are dumb. They are smart. But they lack creativity. They fail to resolve the dichotomies. They are using primitive black/white right/wrong thinking tools. The same can be said about the Watchtower. They are locked into the same kind of two-valued thinking. Eventually, human society will evolve to the point where they can tolerate more ambiguity.

    Jesus was not a false prophet he was an "ambiguous" prophet. This was necessary to facilitate the work that needed to be accomplished.

  • dawg

    I don't feel that you're dumb either Pro... just that you want something to be true when it clearly isn't... as a man, I'm sure you live a moral life, and if I met you I'd be the first to buy... but, you seem to me to be like so many I meet, you try and make nonscense fit... not becasue you can't see that it doesn't fit, but becasue you can't think the Bible isn't your mind it has to be true...

    As for creative thought, I think outside the millions that believe the bible is true,I believe in God, not the Bibical God, but a God... yet you think that isn't creative? You think like millions of others and yet I'm not creative... you are a gentleman and I respect your views, but I clearly, from the evidence you've given disagree; the subject of God and whether the Bible is true are mutually exclusive.

  • MOG

    wasnt one of the prophecies of the Messiah was to speak in parables??

  • The Doc 58
    The Doc 58

    Thinking creatively seems to me to go in two directions. Believing in the invisible pink unicorn (Dawkins) or the creative thinking that has led many out of the shadows of the cave (Plato).

  • OnTheWayOut

    What kind of prophet prophecies the end of the world, but does so in such a way that only a very small percentage of the population understands what he is saying? If Jesus was a true phrophet, speaking about events to take place in our time, why wouldn't he speak in a manner that would be clear to MOST of us? Instead we have to post threads and argue with each about what he possibly meant

    Some would say Jesus is a failed prophet. That would be because 99.9% of the world don't get the message clearly.
    Even if you think ALL Christianity has a chance of redemption, that's still less than 1/3rd of the world. Jesus just
    didn't get the message out there.

    Some feel that the message will be made clear, eventually, so that all have a real chance of redemption (resurrection,
    life in Heaven, whatever you like). Okay then. JW's are wasting their time with field circus then. They should get a
    college education for their children, they should save money for retirement. They should enjoy vacations and sleep in
    on Saturday because JESUS will bring about the true preaching work for the masses to clearly understand, at a later

    One thing I have learned: Religion is a snare and a racket. That is so true.

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