The Beatles - Your Favorite Songs or Albums from Them ?

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  • TheUbermensch

    The Hard Day's Night album is one of the catchiest pop albums of all time, and the movie isn't bad either.

    Favorite Songs

    If I Fell

    Tell Me Why

    Can't Buy Me Love

    I don't really dig late Beatles.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    You've Got to Hide Your Love Away -- my favorite at the time. I load the DVD of Help! just to see John perform it. It is my favorite film of John performing. John was prescient. He had not met Yoko when it was written. John did not like being married to Cyn so it was code for all his many affairs. I hate Yoko. Looking back, much of it had to do with Yoko being Japanese. People were so outraged! It was unbelievable. I wonder what was going on. Besides some young female fans who felt betrayed about morals, what did it matter to anyone what a single musician did with his private life.

    What do people feel about the quality of Beatle music when it was current, the brief burst of genius as solo artists, and the long, long drought of good music from anyone of them. The whole was so much better than the sum of the parts. Paul bothers me the most. His songs can be achingly beautiful and raunchy. Most of his later songs are embarassing. When I see him in concert, people go bonkers with ectsasy during his Beatles and Wings set. Paul always devotes a segment to his recent music. People actually leave their seats for a bathroom break. No one stands. The applause is only polite and lukewarm. He has to get the message. Pure genius with collobration. Regrettable, for the most part, when he is truly solo.

    Many of their first solo works were actually presented to the Beatles. They received feedback.

  • flipper

    FINALLYSOMEPRIDE- Interesting that you mention my old Red Hot Chili Peppers thread ! I've been thinking about starting a new one lately with songs on it from their latest CD " I'm With You " . You must be psychic reading my mind. Some great songs on that CD but I stll miss John Frusciante not being on guitar on this new Chili Peppers album

  • watson

    Thank you flipper and leaving.

  • flipper

    LEAVING WT- I've Just Seen a Face is a really good song too, indeed ! I like Jonh's It's Only Love off that album as well and of course the classic Yesterday. The Night Before and You're Going to Lose That Girl always get my foot tapping as well when I've put on my Digitally remastered CD of the Help album. Personally although I like the Help album - I like the bulk of the songs on the Hard Day's Night CD more so. I just feel the quality of songs are better on Hard Day's Night. But hey, that's just me. But my favorite Beatles albums remain Abbey Road and the White album still . They became so experimental and worked outside the box much more in a bluesy fashion towards the end of their careers. I'm a big blues man anyway. I like lots of soul in my music. But most all their stuff was great !

    BAND ON THE RUN- I too greatly admired John Lennon's wit, humor, and courage to speak his mind . The message of love and standing up to the American government also sunk in with me as they tried to deport John because Nixon was paranoid that people, especially young people were listening to John Lennon's message about peace and being anti-war. They actually stalked and bugged John's telephone. I'll forever miss John and his music and his contribution to our society. I was deeply saddened by his death as well. All the Beatles seemed like family to me as I was raised listening to them and I grew up identifying with their music deeply.

    My 23 year old son treated me to a Paul McCartney concert with his band in 2005 and it was the greatest show I've seen. 40 or so songs over three and a half hours, lots of Beatles songs and 5 encores. Paul was personable like a next door neighbor - not conceited at all just so down to earth. Joked with the audience and played until midnight . Definitely worth the money ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • leavingwt

    Flipper: 'Help!' was the first (entire) album to be recorded after The Beatles were turned on to marijuana by Bob Dylan in NYC, in August 1965.

  • flipper

    LEAVING WT- I had read that somewhere ( I have the Anthology Book from the 1995 series & the DVDs ) that they had started experimenting with the green wonder plant before recording Help . In fact I believe Ringo stated when they were doing scenes for the movie they would run off and sneak some tokes off joints in some mountains then come back and do some movie scenes. Pretty hilarious ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper
  • flipper

    Another one that I love off Abbey Road with that really bluesy feeling

  • straightshooter

    I think that Abbey Road was their best album.

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