The Beatles - Your Favorite Songs or Albums from Them ?

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  • 00DAD

    Mr. Flipper, we're still in the rehearsing stage but when we perform I'll post a video when I can! Thanks for the encouragement.

    FYI: The original key is A but that's a bit high for my friend Reid, the bass player/vocalist, so we're playing it in G. It'a bit tricky playing the opening guitar riff in G as it really was conceived to play utilizing pull offs to open strings.

  • sizemik

    This is what they looked like the year I was born . . . 1957

    George is 14, John 16 and Paul 15.

    It's hard to pick favourites . . . songs or albums . . . but I've always loved this one . . .

    I love all of the stuff they did as soloists . . . but Georges stuff was my favourite. I love the purity of this live performance at the Bangladesh concert . . . with Pete Ham of Badfinger (who sadly suicided a few years later . . . another member of the 27 club)

    You gotta love that smile . . .

  • doofdaddy
    doofdaddy Always thought this generated punk music years later...
  • flipper
  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Did not the Beatles help others cope with JW repression. What amazes me is that I used them to view an abusive parent with humor rather than rage. Looking at the photos, it is hard to believe that they were once harbingers of the end of Western civlization and morals.

    george was so young. I read the new coffee table about George Harrison that contained much info I never read before now. I recall George always explained that his essential problem in life was that Paul would always be one year,,,...x..months, and x days years older than he. It must have taken tenacity to be treated as an equal. His first album was shocking with all the great material not heard on a Beatles album.One of my favorite moments was when George was on Dick Cavett to promote an album. John had appeared a few months earlier, announced Yoko's art show, and gave detailed directions for people to travel from New York City. Lennon fans said he should pay CBS. George just talked, and as the music played to signal the end of the show, pulled the album up from his side and told people to buy it. Next, he said that John taught him some good things. It was a John zinger but not nasty. He never mentioned John in his autobiography.

    Merely listening to them and smiling inwardly at their music and antics kept me sane. I always took what John said with a grain of sand but I loved his mannerisms expressing himself. I feel very fortunate to be part of their generation in the broad sense.

  • 3rdgen

    Mr. Flipper, I too was a Beatlemaniac. I was 12, in a new school, in a strange little redneck town, misunderstood as a Witness child both by teachers and students alike. The Beatles and their music took me away from the harsh realities of my life. I had to listen to the songs away from home bc dad said their long hair and boots were homosexual. (he used a slur) Love, love, love the fab 4!

  • flipper

    Thought I'd bump up this good time older tread on the Beatles ! Feel free to add ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Ucantnome

    'She's leaving home' is my favourite song and 'Sgt. Peppers' my favourite Album

  • MrFreeze

    Favorite album is Rubber Soul

    Top 10 favorite songs (It changes from day to day):

    1) Wait

    2) Here Comes The Sun

    3) I'm Looking Through You

    4) All My Loving

    5) I Saw Her Standing There

    6) I've Just Seen a Face

    7) Blackbird

    8) Yesterday

    9) Dig A Pony

    10) I Me Mine

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    Wanted to bump this old Beatles thread up as I noticed others bumped it up awhile back. Thanks

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