Are You Having A Tough Time Making Ends Meet?

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  • mkr32208

    Well I guess that makes it ok then! I used the cards to buy food and gas I had no choice. This is the state of the economy that the banks can force you to borrow money and then rape you for it. You wait you'll get your turn...

    We all will....

  • mkr32208

    Did you READ my post or do you lack that ability? Yes we could afford all this stuff when we bought it then they cut G's pay again and again and again.

    That's it I can't talk to you ignorant cretins anymore... You will have your turn and I hope there is some over ego'ed asshole to stand there and tell you how it's your fault FUCK YOU...

  • Priest73

    Ok Dude. I've been where you are, when I was 25. I can sympathize, but c'mon man for real.
    You have two kids and wife. You stated that you're both students and working full time.
    Take a break from school (sure you can save money there) and establish a rainy day fund. This is America for God's sake. (sorry other folks) There ARE loads of opportunities out there. You just have to look for them.

    Either that, or get a second job delivering pizzas with the one car you have left.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Lola, you are making some very sweeping judgements about people right now.

    From your perspective, I'm sure the answers are all pretty clear. Try walking in Mkr's shoes and living his life, or the lives of many who are not making ends meet, who are relying on cc's to pay the rent because the job is gone now. Using the cards to put food on the table when the $11 an hour job is only barely making that rent and you fall through the cracks for govt assistance. What's the alternative starve? For many people this is reality. Especially for many families who cannot afford insurance. A study was recently done on those who are filing for bankruptcy. In many cases it is due to a medical crisis (think of Vivamus).

    Must be nice to be you.

  • lola28

    I guess I hit a sore spot. You can call it “rape” if you want to but that doesn’t change the fact that you are borrowing money which you can not pay back. You have the victim mentality where everyone is wronging you and you have done noting deserve it. If you can’t afford groceries or gas get a part time job or find a way to supplement your income, but do us all a favor and stop bitching about the evil credit card companies that are according to you currently feeding you and putting gas in your car.

  • JH

    My income is not following the cost of living, so I have to be careful not to spend too much on useless things.

  • dogisgod

    Yes, had a couple of financial setback because of illness and caregiving which cost me my savings put me in debt and now I'm struggling to catch up. I'm hoping for one more year of living like I am jobless although I do work. I have to work more. More for less. It's been pretty cold here but I don't use my furnace. I have a wood burning stove.

    I believe it is not only Bush but it started with Regan busting Unions to keep the profits in Corporate pockets. My union negotiated thru 60 yrs of bargining a very good health care program. This year the Co changed insurance handlers and said that it would be no different but would only be a change of administration. Well, believe them and bend over!!!! Higher premiums, higher deductables, (for chiropractic it is an 800.00 deductable) We work more time for less money. I don't know if I can catch up but I'm trying. When we let corporate america get the reins then we were screwed.

    Trickle down economics was explained to me like this: The rich upper class needs things and services. We the lower ring of the tier provide these things and so the money filters down to us. Okay. Then the rich class can see how to make more with no trickle down...outsource. Entire industries are either eradicated or sent overseas. The Gov give tax incentive to the rich, rewards business for paying americans less money and moving their tax base to foreign countries. The Gov changes bankcrupsy laws to protect the overcharging credit card companies. Our president's oil buddies keep raising the price of oil that is catastrophically affecting the baseline operations of many companies. Result? More layoffs, more wage cuts but the CEOs are running to their offshore accounts with semitrucks full of money and benefits. Prices of everything is rising because of the transportation costs, energy costs etc. Groceries, heat, gas, oil. Water will be the next oil because it is being "privatized" from city to city. Basic infrastructres of electric grids, aging piping for sewers and water are not being kept up and because of flooding immigration and population growth can no longer keep up with basic needs.

    Fake war, lying leaders, national backrupcy, China now owns us...even after poisoning our pets and our food supply.

    Add to that you never thought you live to need social security because this system was soon passing away. Bad Combo.

    The Credit Cards are worse than the mafia. It is out of control.

    I wish there were Armegeddon I'm tired.

    What we need is a "Jubulee Year" were all debts are forgiven. Now THAT would stimulate the economy like a big old enema.

    So I guess the answer is "yes"

  • wings

    Seems like in the US you should be able to be a student with a family, as long as you are willing to work hard and be poor. It is this kind of "hard times" that must be endured to get you to the life you want. I personally don't mind hearing complaints about how hard it is.

    If you want to attack someone who is sitting on his couch drunk and not willing to do anything to better himself, I would understand.

    I am glad for those of you that have no financial problems. All because of your perfect money management skills. Good for you.

  • Priest73

    mkr32208, In all seriousness, have you tried called those companies are negotiated a fee waiver? If they say no, be persistent. I'd bet at least half of them will.

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    Are You Having A Tough Time Making Ends Meet?

    Not really but I tend to keep the ends pretty close together in the first place.

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