This is all too surreal. What are you doing?..Where are you at..RIGHT NOW?

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    WLustGuy...How rude and un-sharing. But you're prob not my kinda guy...unless you are a girl. Of course I might change teams for a cinnamon roll.



    Journeyon...I agree that learning can be a very painful but good experience. It's all part of the old, "that which does not kill you, makes you stronger" philosophy. Everyone on this board who survives another day is made stronger than the most indoctrinated dubbie.


  • worldtraveller

    I ran my business for 23 years 'till the crime was just too much to handle, so I put up the for sale sign, and I was on my own 2 months later.

    Some pond scum drove through the building with a stolen truck. Never looked back. Chin up!


    WT... thanks. Sorry about the pnd scum/truck/building event...I guess that's what is known as a "defining moment."


    At the moment I am under the electric blanket eating a cinnamon roll (from the oven) and drinking strong coffee, reading here. I am at my home...and no I'm not telling you where it is, and no, you can't come over, and NO YOU CANNOT HAVE A CINNAMON ROLL.

    WLG - whatever ....scoot over!

  • FreedomFrog

    Whaaaaa! I'm about to have a Sbucks moment...selfish person!

  • RollerDave

    At the moment I'm sitting in my wheelchair in front of my desk listening to Rush Limbaugh, doing JWd, and looking out over the river while I drink strong, hot coffee and IM with my Becky who is at work (her work is a Mn based multinational with three 'M's in it's name)

    I've had what we are apparently calling a Starbuck's Moment quite a few times in the recent past.

    My Becky and I go for drives down Summit Ave and look at all the pretty lights on the mansions, then along the river so we can have river scenery on one side and pretty lights on the other until we get home. We do this to have serious talks, and we have had quite a few of those of late. Each has been a Starbuck's moment in its own way.

    We've had to come to terms with the fact that we had bitten off too much, extended ourselves way to far, and were in some pretty dire straits.

    Some of the bedrock tenets we had been living by turned out to be less solid than we had initially figured.

    We had to scale back, reduce, simplify, and divest ourselves of responsibility for people who should be responsible for themselves.

    Here I am driving in my truck, the truck I enjoy so much...

    And realizing that it must be sold.

    We used to be happy living in a 900 sq ft apartment on $2000 a month and had money to do fun stuff;

    Now we are seriously phucked if we don't bring in $6000 a month and are miserable. We got this huge house, but it's full of hangers on and I can't even afford to keep my truck.

    Deciding that the truck, the boat, the hangers on, AND the house all have to go, and that we need to move into some crappy $1200 a month apartment and start paying off our debt was a definite Starbuck's moment, only I did not have the immediate benefit of coffee close at hand.

    I am just grateful that we didn't get ourselves in deeper before "coming to Jesus" as it were.

    Now I drive my daughter to work, I better enjoy that truck while I can!



    RD...sorry about the truck...but when the gods smile on you again, expect a much nicer truck. I know it's hard to think about better times when everything is sucking. If there's one thing I learned, it's not to say "nothing worse can happen." It seems that whenever I thought I had bottomed out something else happened so now I just accept whatever has been dished out to me and try to see the bright side.

    I say this from experience...first I lost my 21 year marriage...then my very successful biz...then my dubbie daughter got super spiritual...then I got cancer...then I couldn't get a job for shit...then I became homeless. Now I have a steady girlfriend (thankfully with a good job)...I have my son out of the cult...I am going back to school...I am discovering financial aid-woo hoo...and was recently asked to teach a community college course in my field of expertise...the same field I cannot get a job in, prob due to my age. This has all been over a period of 7 years. I feel like Job. I just hope it all ends up like him. Life's a rollercoaster sure go down faster than you go up...but you will go up again. Keep the faith.


    PS. Be thankful for Becky.

  • avishai

    ((((Bonezz))) You rock, man. I'm gonna pm you my new # even though I'm up in OR right now. That being said.... Whaddya doin' @ the starbucks there? The coffee right around the corner @ the N____ Lounge is wayyyy better. The ladies are better lookin', too!

  • avishai

    PS, I also have some ideas for your field of expertise that could be alot of fun. And you could get funded for!

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