Wow, I feel like an impulsive ass...

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  • Hortensia

    tobacco leaf is high in lithium - I read that in a government pamphlet on the nutritional content of "foods." Don't take meds that have been prescribed for others, esp. high-test stuff like you are discussing. We don't want to read in the news that you OD'd and died - or just have you mysteriously disappear, never to return to the forum.

  • mkr32208

    Yeah your advocating breaking the law (and the mods SHOULD shut this thread cause it's ILLEGAL!) and I'm ignorant. Yeah whatever druggie...

  • AGuest

    (after going back a re-reading your post, to ensure I got it right this time...)

    that you're looking for folks to condone what you're doing and why you're doing it, which I think you shouldn't do. I think you did so because you are impulsive... but I don't think you can use your [illness] as an excuse for this one.

    I think that this is an entirely personal matter and decision, and, if you are as "big" a boy as you wish us to believe, one you should make solely and totally on your own (which you apparently already did)... with or without your doctor (your choice)... without trying to drag... excuse me, "invite" ... other people into it (under the guise of asking for "help")... with the result being that they could be sharing in what could turn out to be detrimental for you. In more ways than one.

    I think this is really not a subject that anyone here is qualified (or, if qualified, not authorized) to "help" you with, and that if you stop and think about it, even you know you really never should have asked.

    I think you asked because you are impulsive... and that you are impulsive... because you are young. And possibly bored.

    My $0.02 worth of "thinking."

    Peace to you.

    SA, on her own... and intending no offense. Just truth.

  • Mincan
    I judge no one but the hypocrite! You want to inject smack straight into your eye sockets thats fine with me just don't lie about the usage or your motives for it...

    That first sentence is a condridiction. You do judge people, you judge my motives, and you seem to care deeply about them.

    I think you asked because you are impulsive... and that you are impulsive... because you are young. And possibly bored.

    I think I asked because I wanted some affirmation and wanted to know if people thought this was an outlandish example of impulse or not. The desire to be well is strong, and since I posted I'm an ISFP, you will know that I must constantly ask myself my motivations for doing things against my strong core inner values.

  • flipper

    Better to feel like an impulsive a$$ than an explosive a$$ ! Less messy ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • cognac

    mincan -

    Is that the same as adderall? what is the difference between that and adderall?

  • Mincan

    Dexedrine is the isolated d-isomer of amphetamine (dextroamphetamine). Adderall is a racemic mixture of four amphetamine salts. 75% of them being of the d-isomer (which is responsible for Central Nervous System Stimulation) and 25% being of the l-isomer (levoamphetamine)(which is responsible for Peripheral Nervous System stimulation - usually not wanted by anyone other than narcoleps and chronic fatigue victims).

  • Abandoned
    You are only looking for a high

    I disagree. I don't know Mincan, that well as I've only been around him for an evening, but I think he's telling the truth here. I think that's why he's chosen to give up pot. I think he's looking for relief from his pain. The Ritalin seems to work the best but he's found other things that work too. It's not becuase he's a deviant, but because he's a survivor.

    Mincan, I don't know your opinion is on having brought this out due to the mixed responses you've received, but I'm glad you did. I understand my brother a lot better now. I went to visit him yesterday and he's doing really good. We even sang some songs together and played some bowling game on the Wii.

    What I'm trying to say is that reading about your struggle helps me understand a struggle that's quite a bit closer to me. I haven't understood it, only how to cope with his sometimes frustrating behavior. But yesterday I saw the awesome kind boy, fearless considering what he's gone through and I feel closer to him and a little shamed that I didn't try harder earlier. But the past is the past and this isn't about me.

    Wow, talk about going off on a tangent. Thanks for bringing this out in the open. I admire your courage and determination to live a quality life.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Being impulsive and trusting people in a childlike way is part of the ADHD symptoms. The thing is, when you try a med and it's not prescribed to you, don't tell people about it. And do get on line an research the med and mixing it with other substances and even ask a pharmacist. Don't tell the pharmacist the story, just ask if there are interactions between ritalin and dexedrine.

  • exwitless
    She tells me that a friend of her had given her 4 of the 15mg Extended Release brand name Dexedrine Spansules.

    So you got them third-hand. Bad news.

    We both met each other in the psych ward

    Great that you can support each other emotionally, but you should both know better than anyone the dangers in sharing potent prescription medications like that.

    She was really glad to hear that I don't consume cannabis anymore (I used her to get many contacts) since being medicated for my ADHD. She couldn't believe it since I was consuming it everyday for so long

    Mincan, you are clearly a person with addictive tendencies. You are in absolutely no position to be trying to self medicate with anything, let alone an amphetamine-type drug given to you by a friend of a friend. Please be careful and let your doctor monitor what you're doing. There are other factors besides interactions that you cannot monitor completely on your own, such as blood pressure, effects on the heart, symptoms of addiction or dependency, etc. You're playing with fire.

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