Isn't it wonderful to find 'Kindred Spirits' here?

by AK - Jeff 13 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Abandoned

    I agree Jeff, I've had conversations with a few people here. They have all been enjoyable. I owe a few people a call too but I don't have a great phone presence so I don't call much.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I have derived the greatest benefits from my ex-JW friends. I wish I was able to
    cut the bond with WTS totally. If my wife left (them or me), I would be traveling
    to meet you people. I have met some, will continue to meet more.

    Any of you out there that don't have something holding you back- get to some
    of these apostafests or meetups. It's a real treasure to know that you weren't
    the only one screwed up by WTS and others are pulling through.

    AK-Jeff was the first from JWD that I met. I have met a handful more and talked
    on the phone with many more. I have met with the local meetup group of ex-JW's
    several times.

    We have something in common that makes our bond much stronger than
    sports fans or foreign movie lovers or ethnicity. I am sure it's true of other groups
    in a similar situation, but we were ignorant and now we are not. We were in
    mind-prison and now we are free. We have some of the most pecular problems
    from our experience, and even those make us appreciate each other.

  • JAVA

    Good thread. Nearly all former JWs can relate in one way or another to the spirit of this forum. To a degree, we're all kindred spirits of sorts because we've been there, experienced the same control, and loss when leaving. I'll usually go out of my way to attend a gathering of former Witnesses because we understand, and know the talk. We always have a lot in common.

    It's like Jeff said, there are some within this community that we relate to on a closer level. That doesn't mean we agree on everything, but there is that something that's there. Many of you might remember larc, and long time poster who died awhile back. We had that connection; we were kindred spirits.

  • changeling

    Yes it is. I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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