Help reform the crumbling tower with your bright ideas

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  • Junction-Guy

    Good ideas JeffT and BreakingAway, one more thing, some of those assets should be divided with us too.

  • kurtbethel

    A possible scenario, in 50 years or so, is sell off WT assets and build spacecraft to go to another star system. They can settle on a new world to remake into a paradise Earth with no Satan or worldly people to blame things on. It is all on the settlers, so they would truly have a chance to prove the merit of a theocratic system.

    The GB could cobble together some explanation about how it is fulfilling Revelation and Daniel and some such stories. They are adept at that sort of stuff.

    Plus, with a new sun in the sky there would truly be "new light"!

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    I would suggest making the Public Talk 30 seconds long instead of 30 minutes.

  • freedomfighter

    There's some awesome ideas!

    Let it fall on it's face. ( When it falls it will be BIG time)

    I just want to be around to see it.

    Yeh.....and the proceeds from the liquidation sale to be distributed to it's many, many victims!


  • erynw

    I'll repeat my idea from a few months back.

    Create a Max Headroom like character and pipe in the public talks to all KHs worldwide.

    He even has on the right color shirt and tie.


  • stillajwexelder

    Issue and edict to all Elders - each shepherding visit to be recorded for CO to view


    Stop Judicial Committees

    Only DF somebody if they refuse to stop living with somebody or refuse to stop smoking - in other words totally unrepentant.

    Have a part when the CO comes -or basically have some fun

    Make reinstaement very easy unless a child molester

    Make it a disfellowshipping offence for an elder NOT to report child molesters to the police

    Combine Bookstudy with the Thursday meeting.

  • stillajwexelder

    ENCOURAGE college - help pay the expenses of those who want to study Greek, Hebrew, Comparative Religion etc

    Make virtually everything - oral sex, blood, etc etc a conscience issue

  • JosephMalik


    The scriptures teach to get out if we do not want to share in her sins and not reform such an organization. It took me a while to grasp it. But this time confirmed for me what was written all along.


  • wednesday
    Only DF somebody if they refuse to stop living with somebody or refuse to stop smoking - in other words totally unrepentant

    I thought most of your ideas were very good, and perhaps i agree with fornication not being the best of ideas--but smoking?' that is such a lame reason to DF someone- esp with the consequences.

    I don't think Df is biblical at all, people would be encouraged not shunned. even they refuse to change they should still be welcome in God's house.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    1) scrap the foolish blood policy

    2) eliminate disfellowshipping

    3) eliminate reporting field ministry

    4) eliminate marking talks

    5) eliminate mid-week meetings

    6) begin encouraging education

    7) allow women equal rights in the congregation

    8) make it mandatory to report any case of child molestation to the authorities so that they can investigate it

    9) stop teaching that God will murder eryone one earth except JWs

    10) stop teaching that God is a maniac who is more concerned with his own name than anything else

    11) stop making any comments regarding what "the generation" is suppose to be. Enough is enough. sheesh.

    12) stop twisting the book of revelation to be all about prophecies pertaining to conventions at Cedar Point Ohio and other related B***Sh**

    13) stop paying out money to silence the victims of child molestation to save reproach on the congregation

    14) admit the New World Translation is a less than stellar translation and redo it, without the mistakes and deceitful twists

    15) write an article in the WT entitled - Wow, We Have Made a Lot of Mistakes! And list all the failed prophecies and predictions in detail. (it may take a few issues)

    16) publish a public apology for the treatment of Raymond Franz

    17) publish a public apology to all those who sold homes and made foolish decisions because they were lead to believe Armageddon was coming in 1975

    18) pay damages of $100,000 to every couple who decided not to have children in obedience to WT suggestions due to the impending great tribulation, and have a GB member issue a personal apology

    19) publish an article explaining about their involvement with the UN as an NGO

    20) pay damages of $100,000 to every surviving family member who lost a loved one due to WT policies on blood, and have a GB member issue a personal apology

    There is a quick 20 things that could be done to make things better, off the top of my head....but there are so many more! Oh well, these will have to do for now.

    The Oracle

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