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    I wanted to bookmark your research

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    Thank you for all of this information! Earlier this week, the texts at Matthew 12 came to mind and I linked it to blood transfusions. Your additional info is greatly appreciated.

    I have a sister-in-law who just had a baby, and not even a week later found out she has a tumor. She is going into surgery next week, and I would hate to see anything happen to her because she refused a blood transfusion. So I've been racking my brain for scriptural support, and this is it! I just want her to realize that it's HER decision, NOT the Society's when determining if anyone should get a transfusion. I was upset when that young mother in Europe died because of refusing a blood transfusion. It was a senseless loss.

  • fjtoth

    Freedom came in my own case when my eyes were opened by what Jesus said at Matthew 12:11, 12 and Luke 14:5, 6.

    I feel compelled to mention that credit for my eyes becoming opened belongs to Ray Franz who stated the following in his book In Search of Christian Freedom:

    It may also be noted that Christ made clear that the law was made for man, not man for the law. (Mark 2:27) Thus, if life was at stake, Israelites were not obliged to hold to Sabbatical rules if doing so would work against their saving a life, even though that life was the life of a sheep or bull. (Luke 14:5; Matthew 12:11,12) It seems logical to conclude that the same principles would also apply as regards Mosaic laws on blood.


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    Very good analysis, Vinny. Thanks a lot for sharing it!


  • Vinny

    "I was upset when that young mother in Europe died because of refusing a blood transfusion. It was a senseless loss."

    I debated with many JW's online after that story was posted in the SUN news (UK).

    And not a single JW could defend the JW blood policy. Danny Haszard still sends me other online news articles, including today.

    The JW's simply cannot ever defend the inconsistent current blood policy today. It has never been done. It cannot be done. It is really just THAT BAD.

    Our good JW visiting guest, ALEMAN, tried it for a few days and many of you saw what happened to him last weekend.

    And then he skipped town altogether after a few good rounds on blood. I believe he went crying to his mommy...


    I hope your sister-in-law does okay. As you know, many times it does not work out okay.

    Which is why the JW blood policy is really a sick thing today.

    At least people are more aware today than ever before.

    All the best,


  • moshe

    # 21- even Orthodox Jews who still keep the kosher dietary laws from the Hebrew Bible see no connection between eating blood and accepting a blood transfusion. We have Jewish hospitals and they administer blood transfusions to save lives. You see, all the blood transfusions in the world will not save the life of a starving man. Blood is food only, if it is eaten! It is not a violation of any law in the Bible to accept a blood transfusion.

    JW's and their WT org do have bloodguilt from the deaths of thousands of JW's who mistakenly commited ritual suicide obeying a false WT blood transfuison ban. The lives of innocent children who never were old enough to make a legal decision were allowed to die for no good reason. It was manslaughter. Woe to them on judgment day!

  • bite me
    bite me

    Outstanding. I wish I can do research and produce something such as that to help my family and friends out!

    No amount of info is too much. I started reading it and noticed just how much useful information was there so I printed it. :-)

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    sweet pea


    Thanks for all your work on this.

  • IP_SEC

    Actually the WTS does allow blood transfusions. Its just that most JWs are too lazy to understand the convoluted mass of loopholes the doctrine has become.

    • Whole blood transfusion- Not allowed. Moot point. They are nearly NEVER done in modern medicine anyway.

    • Major fractions- RBCs, Platelets, WBCs, Plasma Not allowed. Moot point. See next bullet.

    • All minor fractions are allowed. This negates the dis-allowance of major fractions.

    Example: RBC is not allowed, hemoglobin is. What is a RBC if not 99%(sic) hemoglobin? If hemoglobin is allowed then RBCs are allowed.

    The same logic can be applied to the other so called major fractions.

    Now the WTS cannot come out and say: “hey guys!!! we are ok with blood transfusions now!!” They would be sued now to kingdom come. What they have done is rework the blood doctrine so that complete medical use of blood is acceptable to JWs if they chose it.

    They can legally now say to the court “WE DO NOT HAVE A LAW AGAINST MEDICAL USE OF BLOOD” all the while the Jdubs are blissfully unaware of their options. The society has the best of both world now. The court cant really get them, and Jdubs cant get pissed at them for crawfishing on their previous stance on blood.

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