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    blood guilty

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    just marking

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    “Who will be the man among YOU that has one sheep and, if this falls into a pit on the sabbath, will not get hold of it and lift it out?

    This is the first time I see the above statement linked to the "law" of abstaining from blood.
    Good job. I gotta tune up on this issue as I will be distraught if ever I have to face it at the
    moment my JW family members are in need of blood.

    I have been on the fence on whether I would honor their wishes or violate their wishes to
    save their lives. I am leaning toward violating their wishes, saying "At least you have a life
    to use to be mad at me."

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    I am marking this research....GREAT JOB!!

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    knock knock

    Duly noted.

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    Well done, Vinny!

    The JW teaching on blood transfusions was the one that caused me the most agony. I felt the Society simply had to be the true religion since no others seemed to be in agreement with the Bible's plainly stated command to "abstain from blood." Additionally, it was a fact that some people had died or had become seriously ill due to tainted or mismatched blood. I was convinced that the Society's position was expressive of God's view. That was one of the main reasons I felt conscientiously that it was my duty before God to downplay all the stumbling blocks in the organization that I had observed or experienced for decades. I viewed such things as tests God was allowing that I might demonstrate my loyalty and faithfulness to him!

    A few months ago I had some fine email exchanges with a man who recently got up the courage to leave JWs. He went on and on for several days about all the badness he had observed in the organization for many years. But he was still hung up on the blood transfusion issue. He spent a lot of time trying to convince me that blood transfusions do more harm than good. It didn't matter to him that around the world millions of lives are preserved every year due to transfusions. The comparative handful who have died after receiving blood were clear enough evidence to him that the Society's view is the correct one. He is still searching for a religion with the same view. I think many JWs hang on to the Society as if Jesus had said, "By this all will know that you are my true disciples if you would rather die than accept a blood transfusion."

    Freedom came in my own case when my eyes were opened by what Jesus said at Matthew 12:11, 12 and Luke 14:5, 6. I wish I had thought during those email exchanges to make some of the other arguments you provide in your well-thought-out presentation up above!


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    Good post, it's a saver

    Thanks Woody

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    Great arguments, I think I might actually send this to my parents even though we're on a "don't ask don't tell" policy about my rejection of the WT creed.

    I don't believe in the divine inspiration of the Bible but the blood argument is impossible to defend even using the scriptures.

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    I appreciate the comments. From my experience, unless a person is truly open minded, it does not matter what they read or learn about, regardless of how damaging it is to the WT Society. I have seen time and again when JW's do the very same thing Aleman is doing on other threads.

    Throw WT propaganda up and then conveniently slip out the back door.

    When I was on my way out, and dealing with the facts as I had uncovered them, the only advice the JW's could give me was tto say two things. It seems they all repeated the same two things.

    1- To wait on Jehovah.

    I told them 65 years is pretty long, don't ya think? What you really mean is wait on the SOCIETY. No can do any longer.

    and the other sorry reply I'd often hear:

    2- Jehovah can resurrect anybody that dies.

    Are you kidding me! Sure, the Maker can just FIX what the WT Society has broken. How insensitive can you get? Try telling that to the parents of a toddler that just died. Or the young kids of a mother that was just buried .

    The WT Society has many broken, pathetic and embarrassing policies today. But in my opinion, this horrendous, sorry, inconsistent and indefensible policy on BLOOD, causing numerous and unnecessary deaths and anguish, is the absolute WORST!

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