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    This is how I got started on this board, thanks Vinny......wf


    Brilliant Vinny!

    IMHO I rate your well written and thought out post as one of the best in educating others about the alternative arguments of the WTS current stand.

    I have shared with other JW’s your letter posted here which captures this research very well (if it didn’t have that little paragraph at the start about disassociation it would make it even more palatable to present to JW’s)


    For the benefit of any lurkers, other information I have found valuable on this subject:

    1. Direct correspondence with the Watchtower (R. Jensen letters) – how they respond to an appointed elder who raises important questions about critical life and death details of the blood doctrine/policy.


    2. The chapter Ray Franz wrote in his second book about the blood doctrine.


    3. The chapter our very own Mary has put together on blood via her project.



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    I havent read this thread all the way thru, so I apologise for that, but I feel very strongly about the blood issue after having gone thru a personal experience with my own child.

    I currently attend meetings, and try my best to earnestly follow what is clearly defined in the bible, and not mens ambiguous interpretations. You are absolutely correct in pointing out that Jesus said 'I want mercy and not sacrifice'. I have made it crystal clear to my wife that I will avoid blood unless it is a life threatening situation (which is the common sense position we both took when our child was having a serious operation some years ago; thank God for the award of court legislation in this country!!). In fact I told my wife that I will be writing up my own version of a blood card soon.

    The issue of blood should be a matter of an individuals personal conscience, without the cruel man made threat of being disfellowshipped hanging over them. Yes there are blood substitutes such as blood volume expanders and cell saver machines etc..which I absolutely agree should be tried first and foremost. I have no issue with that. But to then tie surgeons hands behind their backs by refusing blood completetly (even as a last resort is absolute madness!!)- it is brainwashing gone wrong.

    To simply stand by and watch a loved one die when there is that slight chance that their life could be saved by a blood transfusion (but only to be taken as a last resort when everything else has been tried first) is unbeleivable. I love YHWH and will always do what I believe to be right and common sense is one of them, particularly where scriptural teachings arent absolutely clear.

    If there are any sisters (in particular) lurking on this site. I urge you to make your own decisions as to what your conscience is telling you to do, particularly when facing situations such as child birth. Use your common sense (ie to only accept a transfusion as a very very last resort). Speak to your surgeon beforehand about it and explain very clearly that you would rather avoid blood if at all possible, but will only accept a transfusion if there is a serious threat to your life. Most of the time, blood isn't needed anyway.

    The blood policy has been changed over the years by the society and I suggest you read the AJWRB site to get a better understanding of the issue. This incredible man made policy will not affect your relationship with God; why, because Jehovah (YHWH) is full of grace and mercy and knows your heart.

    Of course, I mentioned that such decisions should be a matter for a persons own conscience and if a person chooses to avoid blood completetly, I respect what that person chooses to do. All I would urge is that you think it through carefully. Read what medical proffessionals also have to say on the subject and then make an informed decision. I have done this and have experienced first hand what it is like to be faced with such a situation, long before I did any serious reading into it. It was only from that experience that I began to question the societies policy on blood and gradually made a clear decision with regard to what I would do if facing such an issue in future. I dont feel my relationship with YHWH is any less strong, in fact I have never felt stronger in my relationship toward God.

    Thanks for reading this post.


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    "the 'no blood consumption' in any way, shape or form is one of the clearest teachings throughout the whole Bible."


    So clear it takes page after page of lawyerese to clarify its clarity.

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    Good job Vinny!!! Great read.

  • Vinny


    This story is on the Front Page of the Washington Post today.

    It puts the Watchtower Society in a very negative light, IMO.

    It looks like this dying mother decided to leave the Witnesses finally and maybe now can be helped.

    Share it wherever possible.


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    I am repulsed at this doctrine and it was one of the principle reasons I stopped being a JW. The policy is so flakey and with a few minutes can be pulled apart.

    I argued with a relative of mine and he used the reasoning that if he really thought it was correct not to take a blood transfusion and he died, Jehovah would resurrect him... This is not a society teaching (because the society is never wrong...) but I think many JWs have the same opinion because there is a lot of confusion over the policy.

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