How's this for twisted thinking

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  • hillbilly

    the Jw culture is grounded in members not living in the moment. Projection and pursuit of a carrot on a stick make 'em tick.

    Maybe thats why so many EX JW's have to learn to relate to people and life in 'real-time' after they leave?


  • still_in74
    So instead of living in the moment, the witnesses project themselves into the future and then imagine themselves looking back to the past.

    living in the present feels like living without a purpose.

    Hill said how difficult it is for EX-JW's to relate with people in real-time. How true. You feel like you are wasting time doing things just for recreation. As if nothing is actually accomplished by living for the moment.

    I am trying to train myself out of this mentality now......... I am also trying to get my wife onboard with this too. It takes a lot of work.............

  • golf2

    FFighter, this applies to ALL people not living for the present. I'm glad you mentioned it, it's so true.


  • JAVA

    Religion is okay as long as one doesn't take it religiously. It's fine playing with ideas that we can't prove, but turning them into dogma opens up a can of worms.

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    My hubby while an elder actually said that many of us jws dont live life now, we waste it waiting for the better life. One or two in the audience what were awake looked horrified, but there were a couple that later agreed with him. He also said that jws were often too quick to have the anwser before they heard the question. Again looks, the final one was in dealing with the item on what future youths should pioneer etc. my hub said he had no idea when he was 16 what he wanted to do with his life and he guessed things hadnt changed that much. By then people were whispering to each other.

    I believe to live life and not live it to the full is a sin.

  • megaflower

    Most JW live for "The New System", they put off living now . So sad. I must admit I did the same thing. It was a guilt trip to have fun or go somewhere on vacation nice. The society said, Go to where the need is great when you get some time off or pioneer that month. Well, Iam taking some Rand R next month in Florida, and it will be my first vacation guilt free!!!!!!!!

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