It's funny how life goes sometimes . . .

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  • nicolaou

    See you around.

  • Aphrodite
  • prophecor

    You do not want to go, also, do you?

  • Hortensia

    I wonder what this means

  • AudeSapere

    If this means you are leaving, I will miss you.

    I hope that's not what you meant, though.


  • Abandoned

    Dude, if this is about your last thread....

    People cheat. It sucks. They lie. That sucks too. It's hard when a relationship ends. The feeling of being used is foremost in your mind. The humiliation. The questions. The loneliness.

    But time moves forward. People drift apart. If someone isn't interested, they're not interested and wishing it were different isn't going to change it a bit.

    So, even though it's hard. Even though you can't imagine things looking better one day, you have to say "to hell with her" and move on. Feel the pain. Feel the hurt. Let it wash over you and experience it. Concentrate on it until you've felt it in every imaginable way. And then, do everything in your power to let it go.

    One day, when you're holding hands with someone who is planning on staying. When you're visiting that tiny corner of the world that you've always wanted to see. When you're taking that class you never thought you'd have time for. Or when you're looking out at the ocean from the patio of your dream house, you'll look back on this disappointment as a tiny bump on the roadway of your life. Hell, you might not even remember it at all.

    But, to get to that point, you have to accept it, embrace it, and let it go.

    Good luck.

    If I'm just over-thinking things right now, then forget about what I said....


  • prophecor

    Just hope you're not thinking of doing the un-thinkable.

    Nic? What's Up?

    You'll have a lotta' folks worried about you if you don't speak up.

  • Dansk


    I think it's unfair of you to make such a statement without qualifying it. We are your friends here and are concerned, so could you please give us an explanation. The majority of us aren't code breakers.



  • nomoreguilt

    Perhaps he's thinking of taking a sabatical,like I did this time yesterday morning??? Well, it didn't take very well, and here I am. I realized I have a lot of work to do here. There's too many souls to save from the arc of salvation.

    Hang in there friend.


  • nicolaou

    Oh my! Listen, I just wanted to slip away quietly for a while without too much fuss or drama. I didn't want to make one of those "I'm leaving" threads so I thought a quick goodbye at 6am would do nicely. Damn, I forgot about your heartwarming concern.

    I'm actually quite a private person and I'd prefer not too explain what's going on right now (sorry Abandoned this has nothing to do with my previous thread). In many ways it's simply the right time for me to move on from being an ex-JW. Me and Sam' are doing very well, it was one of last years highlights that she actually came with me to the Apostanoodle last month - I could never have dreamed that would happen just a few short years ago.

    But there is something - one of my children is facing a medical issue that is scaring the crap out of me. I will know more when we get the results of a second MRI scan which is scheduled for tomorrow. Ian, I know you have found this board to be a source of strength as you've coped with your own poor health but we are all different. Please don't take offence when I say that I do not want to discuss this right now. I would appreciate not being asked any questions, frankly I just want the peace and quiet I need to focus on what's important.

    This, of course, will not be my last post. I will be back but I just don't know when - I hope it will be with good news.

    Finally. I don't want to leave on a note of bitterness so I hope you won't misconstrue my request; Do not pray for me or my child. The vigils that have been held for Ian and other poorly members have been wonderful and I've often added my own comments in support of those in need. You don't have to agree with me but I hope you can all at least respect my request that God has no part at all in my family's concerns any longer - if you have any hope or comfort to offer me please leave him out of it.


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