1975 Letdown increasingly becoming topic of conversations among witnesses

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  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    I have noticed that more and more, witnesses seem to be discussing the 1975 debacle amongst themselves, and agreeing that it is amazing that witnesses as a whole are all still here and the world is still here, and their kids are now in high school, or married, or whatever. They also seem to be discussing the importance of retirement plans, in direct contradiction to what COs and DOs are spouting at the annual conventions...

    The last time this happened was at a recent funeral, where another long-time witness had passed on. The interesting thing was that a younger group were discussing this, and some of them weren't even around in '75!

    I couldn't help thinking that maybe we are heading towards a tipping point. If enough witnesses OPENLY discuss this and the implications of whether or not any dribblings out of Brooklyn regarding the demise of this 'system of things' are even worth the paper they are printed on, maybe, just maybe, there will be a MASS EXODUS on a Biblical(!) scale and the whole thing will collapse.

    The signs are encouraging. Any one have similar experiences?


  • Gopher

    I haven't set foot in a Kingdom Hall in over 7 years, so I can't say I have any similar experience.

    However, it's interesting that 30-year-olds are talking about the 1975 fiasco. It seems like they're up on what people say on the Internet about JW's. If so, it's good that the WTS' disinformation campaign to bury 1975 is not working!

    I doubt there'll be a mass exodus, but a few JW's here and there are realizing what a scam the WTS organization is, and many show up here every week now!

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Gopher, I couldn't agree more. I wonder if the 30's generation isn't more free and open to speak about issues that the older ones are maybe only speaking about 'discreetly' amongst themselves (in ear shot, however, of their younger family members). The fact that this was loudly discussed at the Kingdom Hall 'entrance' in full earshot of those attending the funeral spoke volumes to me about where this organization is headed.

    I wish I could post more often but am constrained. I lurk every day though, and thought I'd share what encouraging news I could!

  • moshe

    The KH always discourages any open conversation, lest everyone discover that everyone else is just as miserable as they are in the phony KH spiritual paradise. JW's have boxed themselves into a corner and have condemned all other religions, so I don't ever see them doing a mea culpa and becoming "normal people". JW's are adicted to their WT publications and can no more exist without their weekly fix from Brooklyn than an addict can give up his drugs. Also, they have a circle of easy friends based on nothing more than membership in a group- they don't like having to make friends the old fashioned way- working at it- so the lazy ones will continue to take it up the keetser from the old geezers in NYC Bethel and just keep going to the KH and following orders from the elders. I hope I am wrong about this! The NBC news show about KH pedophiles was hardly a big news event and 99% of the printed media just ignored this story. A big chance was missed to shake the JW's up.


    All the JW`s I know,that lived through it..Deny it ever happened..Clint Eastwood...OUTLAW

  • mimimimi

    My whole family lived through it, though I was disfellowshipped in 1975. I remember my mother trying to get me to talk to the CO and I said "what for?" I wanted no part of it and I was not at all worried about 1975. I have not talked to my mother about this in years, but my younger sister who is still in the Borg, she is about 53 now, says she remembers it very well, and that, yes, the Society did try to convince the rank and file that Armageddon was coming in 1975.

    I am so gratified to see how many people are leaving the Borg. I talked Saturday with someone who is a member on this board that I had just found out had gone "apostate" that I have known since I was a teenager. I know people in at least two congregations near here that have left also, and I wonder about some that I know have not gone to meetings in years, or very rarely, and suspect they also are "apostate", but just trying to keep it low-key to keep from being disfellowshipped and losing their families. Who knows what the future holds for the Society as the common J-dub talk more and more about things like this and learn more and more; hopefully, someday the downfall of the whole rotten system.

  • Gringa

    Outlaw - EXACTLY!

    I had a conversation with a lady a few years ago who is still a witness and was 3rd generation like me. She asked me why I left and I told her, for starters, 1975.

    She laughed and shock her head and said, yeah, that was such a shame how so many people sold their homes, racked up debt thinking the end was coming. Funny how people got so over-zealous! The WTS never said it was going to happen in 1975. They were such fools.

    I about fell over. This was the first time I had actually heard someone deny it so! (has happned a few times, since)

    Anyway, the fact remains, those that talk that way will be DF soon so as to not spread their satanic views through out the rest of the congregation.

    And not to worry, the Witlesses are going strong. There are just too many poor souls out there for them to scoop up. They are certainly growning by leaps and bounds in Mexico. I would like to see the numbers, but it seems to me that next to the Catholics, JWs are the second largest religion here. They prey on the hopeless and poverty ridden or the mentally ill to fill their ranks.

    I see more Witlesses out on the streets here every Sunday than I EVER did in the USA. It's really kinda funny if it wasn't so sad - their ties and white shirts stick out like the freaks they are. You would think the society would allow a dress code for each region, but I guess not! One more way to shame the children of Witlesses.

  • Gregor

    Just to say the date "1975", even without putting any context with it, puts die hard JWs on the defensive. It has come to be shorthand for failed predictions by the WTS. It was supposed to mark the end of 6000 yrs with the creation of Adam. That little item is not even refered to anymore because the mention of "1975" brings such negative vibes.

  • B_Deserter

    My parents have always encouraged me to save for retirement and invest my money. I went to college for two years and so is my younger brother. Even though they're Witnesses, they've adopted the "live as if Armageddon is coming tomorrow, but plan as if it's never coming" philosophy. Of course, those are diametrically opposed philosophies. If Armageddon were coming tomorrow and JWs were the truth, I'd theoretically be spending every bit of my resources preaching the word while I still could, as opposed to working secularly and investing money.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    My parents came into the Borg at the height of the 1975 scare..around 70/71.... My dad gave up a military career 3 years short of retirement...and we suffered financially for years afterward. The Borg did help my parents in someways (they were both pack or more a day smokers, heavy drinkers, etc...) but my dad was still very abusive...because that was how he was raised by a nonJW father.... though my dad loved us...nothing the Borg taught helped him overcome his upbringing....

    My mom still believes that the Borg is "God's channel" (excuse me while I spit out the puke...... ::cough, gag:::: )...but at least she is not shunning me.... even if I ever DF/DA she says....we will see if that ever happens if she sticks to her promise....

    As the older generation of dubs dies off, and less and less dubs have access to older (unaltered) literature....and rely more and more on current literature and (altered) WT Library CDs.... those JWs that dont do research on the internet will not remember the sins (flip flop teachings) of their predecessors... guess that is why JWD and sites like it are so important...to keep these issues from being forgotten.....

    1975 bothered me....the generation thing bothered me..... the internet saved my a$$ from the fire.

    SnakesInTheTower (of the "guess I am an apostate now" Sheep Class)

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