Special announcement next week?????

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    Maybe they'll announce this:

  • FadingAway
    It may have to do with our area and obiedence to the instructions about rooming at the DC, I just wondered if anyone else heard about it. seek2find

    That will be the info covered the week of Jan 7.... Jehovah is so good to us, isn't he?

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    It's the District Convention dates/announcements..........

  • daniel-p

    The WTS announces "special announcements" so often they have little weight anymore. Subsequently, the Dubs lower their expectations for such "special announcements," thus stifling their anticipation of important things. Only the most deluded wait with "baited breath" for these turds. Never, not in my entire career as a pioneer, Bethelite, ministerial servant, and piss-ant dubling, did I ever hear a trully important announcement. The really important developments are buried in the Watchtower magazines, like the 1995 change in the "generation" doctrine.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Someone mentioned a 'new' blood card. Is there a scan somewhere to be seen?


  • M.J.

    I thought I heard that that the last blood card did not need an annual renewal. So there won't be a new one each year. I could be wrong, but that's what I thought I heard.

  • heyfea

    Whatever it is, it will somehow be related to $$$.

  • rache31

    Oh, great! Now my mom is going to be calling me about that. She is always worked into a frenzy after these important announcements and letter readings...It's sickening how you can control people with that crap.

  • blondie
    I thought I heard that that the last blood card did not need an annual renewal. So there won't be a new one each year. I could be wrong, but that's what I thought I heard.

    It is now a healthcare proxy or POA which is an expanded document that is valid from year to year as long as you don't move to another state (or municipality) or want to change the POA on the document.





    The Governing Body has approved combining the essential elements of the durable power of attorney (DPA) document and the AdvanceMedicalDirective/Release card into a single legal document, which we shall refer to generally as a DPA card. A DPA card has been prepared for each state. The actual title of the DPA card varies from state to state.

    You will need to fill out the DPA card for your state of residence only. The DPA card is valid indefinitely anywhere in the United States and will serve as a statement of your wishes when you travel internationally. In the future, you should fill out a new DPA card if (1) you need to make any changes to your DPA card, such as changing your wishes, health-care agents, addresses, and telephone numbers, or (2) your DPA card has been lost or destroyed.

    The DPA card should be prayerfully considered and carefully filled out at home. However, before signing the card, it is important that the legal formalities be closely followed. For example, if your card says that two witnesses are required to see you sign, they should be present when you sign it. Book study overseers may periodically check with those who have not filled out new cards to see if assistance is needed.

    Before folding the DPA card, make good-quality photocopies for your health-care agent, alternate health-care agent, and doctor as well as for your own records. You may also want to provide copies for other family members and the congregation secretary. Copies should be single-sided on standard-size (8 1/2? x 11?) paper, with the DPA card centered on the page. The original DPA card, not a photocopy, should be kept on your person.

    The IdentityCard with the print date of 3/99 for unbaptized children of Witness parents has not changed. Parents should ensure that a card for each minor child is properly filled out and signed and that the child carries it at appropriate times.

    Unbaptized publishers may adapt the language of the DPA card and IdentityCard in order to write out health-care instructions for themselves and their children. The secretary should provide a DPA card for all newly baptized publishers during the year.

  • BizzyBee



    In a special communique delivered with Ted's morning prunes, Jehovah has told the Governing Body that He is very sorry, but He is not as young as He used to be and it takes literally eons just to get out of bed in the morning. The thought of staging Armageddon, what with the thunderbolts, earthquakes, smiting the 6 billion (minus 6 million) and such - Oy! He gets a headache just thinking about it. He is going to rest up for another century or so and see if He can pull together a modified version - kind of an Armageddon-Lite.

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