Going to Walt Disney World - Any suggestions?

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  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Only one suggestion my dear: take me with you!!! :)

    tall penguin

  • kwintestal

    Wow, thank you for all the ideas and suggestions. There's more then I expected.

    We're staying off site, we're staying 5 nights in a Condo and 2 nights at a hotel at the Main gate. We plan on eating most of our meals at the condo since it has a full kitchen, but there will be a few days that we'll have to eat at Disney. Seems that the German buffet is the place to be!

    I'll post pictures, definately!

    Only one suggestion my dear: take me with you!!! :)

    TP, you can come, but you know you'll have to share a bed with Jessica and me.


  • momzcrazy

    Have tons of fun. You are building lifetime memories. Your grandkids will hear about this Christmas!


  • restrangled


    Pleasd head my advice, I have lived in Orlando for 20 years this summer. I go to WDW when absolutely forced by company.

    Any food in the magic kingdom is about like cafeteria food at an assembly, about 4 times the price. You know wierd hamburgers, etc.

    If you would like to waste 30 to 60 minutes in line by all means go to its a small world......by time you're through, that silly song will not be out of your head for the next 6 months. The entire ride is really stupid.

    Never, and I say never attend those places that offer discount tickets for time shares. Don't wast your time or money. It is a huge laughter factor here in Orlando. Its not one hour its 3 or 4 of wasted time and the tickets don't always pan out.

    Stay away from international drive....the biggest rip off areana in the state.

    There is a shopping place that is just fantastic that I go to maybe once a year on disney property, Near the night life etc. ask about it.

    If you and your husband would like to have a beautiful romantic evening, make reservations at the Grand Floridian. http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/dining/diningDetail?id=VictoriaandAlbertsDiningPage&bhcp=1You can sit in the lobby before or after dinner, have cocktails and listen to beautiful live music. A truely wonderful evening. Make your reservations now.

    Please consider going to Seaworld. A real treat.

    Seeing the Space shuttle and the drive........not worth it and you can see it from anywhere in Orlando. I can see it from the end of my street when it takes off and I'm at least 50 miles from the coast if not more.

    Be prepared to be patient, hot or cold, tired and exhausted. Rest, drink lots of water. Don't try to cram it all in, in one day..take your time, and don't carry anything you don't have to, it feels like 10 pounds at the end of the day. In other words, no purse, the lightest cameras possible. etc.

    Think of the old hot assemblies.....very similar only spent in line.

    One more thing, if you are renting a car, be prepared for the worst traffic in the world.....I mean it.....everyone from everywhere all over the world is driving, they don't know where they are going and drive like morons.

    Once you hit exits 26 A or B......its a long haul into Disney or Epcot....don't be surprised.

    Be careful!

    Have a great time and relax. It will be fun once you get there and keep the above in mind~


  • primitivegenius

    ok im not gonna give any disney advice, plenty to go around with alot more exp than i have with it.

    i will however give out some bad a$$ info on universal...... not the park but the mall right at the entrance.

    heres the trick...... when you park at universal they make you pay for the ticket if its during daytime hours........ after six or so its free. these people pay i think 8 dollars to park there and tons of them will take their parking ticket and put it under their windshield wipers.

    heres the key to the trick wait untill after six to avoid paying to park if possible and then park at the far end and as you walk toward the mall part............. look for tickets that were bought during the day........... as these are the only ones that work for my trick.

    grab as many as you like............ then make your way to the MOVIE THEATER......... each of those tickets have now become GOLD in your hand........... they are each and every one of them worth 8 dollars in free concessions. down side is you MUST purchase a movie ticket in order to redeem the parking tickets.

    now they have 3 concession stands............ a huge one on the main level and a smaller one down stairs and another smaller one up the escalators.

    this movie theater SERVES BEER, icecream, and i forget what else....... wine coolers, soda popcorn and the usual favors............ you get free refills on the large size cokes and popcorns. i belive they have pizzas and hotdogs and some other things to eat that most movie theaters wouldnt.

    trick is to get your goodies at different stands or send different people to get their stuff. dont think they will stop you useing more than one but why take that chance.

    thing is.......... THEY WONT TELL YOU to use that ticket to get the free stuff...... but you can ask before you go in if they still give concession discounts for them to make sure they havent changed the rules

    an associate of mine worked there........ and thats how we found out... and made serious use of it.

  • Dagney

    I sure do hope you take the kiddies to Disneyworld.

    There is nothing as beautiful as Christmas Disney style, just nothing.

    (And Fast Pass everything you can...saves loads of time.)

    Most of all, have a wonderful time!!!

  • restrangled

    Universal Studios is great, but you have already paid for 7 days at Disney. If you get tired of it, Universal is about 20 minutes north of Disney.

    My favorite is "Back to the future" ride....don't miss it if you go. I waited in line for 2 hours and it was worth every minute~that was when it first opened so I am sure its a much shorter wait now.


  • bigwilly

    I was there May of 06 and had the most fun at Animal Kingdom and Epcot. I'm a total foodie, so the international area of Epcot had the most to offer The safari ride at Animal Kingdom as well as the way it was divided into different sections of the world with different attractions for each region was really enjoyable.

    If you want to hit rides, I'd recommend Universal Studios with a preference to the new section (can't remember the name). Seaworld was worth a day as well.

    If you are renting a car, you might look into the Dali Museum in Tampa Bay. As a fan of surrealism in general and Dali in particular, nothing beat seeing this painting full size (I swear it was 8-10 feet tall)

  • primitivegenius

    My favorite is "Back to the future" ride....don't miss it if you go. I waited in line for 2 hours and it was worth every minute~that was when it first opened so I am sure its a much shorter wait now.

    back to the future was awesome.......... EXCEPT........ i got the back seat.................. the backest back seat ever............ im 6'3.................... i got my neck jammed so damn many times............ i was trying to enjoy the ride slouched down.

    i also liked the terminator ride

  • skeeter1

    If you're looking for something to do outside of Disney & they like horses...you must see the Arabian Nights dinner show. At that age, you can go to all of the parks. Animal Kingdom is my favorite, but so is Epcot. At Animal Kingdom, make sure you go on the Safari & see the Lion King broadway musical show, the Nemo puppet show, the Bug's Life movie, and....make sure you get to the scary, scary, scary Dinasour ride. At Epcot, do the Space Launch, the Speed Track, the Acquarium, and the Soaring exhibits in the Science areas. In the countries, eat, eat, eat. All of the countries have great shows & food. The fireworks display is awesome at Epcot. At their age, they will enjoy the Magic Kingdom. If they are girls & you'll be there on Sunday....do the Princess Breakfast in Norway at Epcot. Great eggs/biscuit/bacon/etc breakfast served family style in a large black skillet to each table. All of the princesses are there, and they roam from table to table. Husband will enjoy this too (princesses are all babes). In fact, the men were all getting their pictures taken with the princesses! It was too funny. If you get a night off with just your husband...go to Jellyrolls Dueling Piano Bar. It's a wild, wild time & great musicians. This bar is in the Boardwalk resort. Skeeter

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