Their delusion run-ith over in today WT study rag mag.

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    Here is what I noticed from the WT propaganda session. God knows what you "need" and he will give you that.

    The little girl who lost most of her family said, (paraphrase) "Jehovah is the best God! He always gives me what I need!" Evidently, she didn't need most of her family since Jeehoober didn't save any of them, except her brother. What a nice God!

    Then the next paragraphs mention that Jeehoober gives us what we need to make sure we worship him. WOW!!! Hey, thanks Jeehoober!!! Thanks for the guilt about education! It made me avoid it, thus ensuring that I worship you! You are so great!! Can't wait for paradise earth!!

    The entire session was anecdotes of dubious origins, mixed with propaganda and nonsensical ramblings of humans trying to explain why we die as God looks the other way.


  • Vidiot
    Is it just me, or does it seem like it's getting harder and harder to convince the still-in that they're still better off stayin' in?
  • RichardHaley
    That typhoon happened because they were behind schedule printing the silver swords so no bad weather was allowed in that vicinity. All the weather energy was pushed into the southern hemisphere temporarily.
  • konceptual99

    Cedars did a good article on this bearing in mind the relative lack of information. It's worth a re-read

    I'd forgotten much of this and the question of why Witnesses had not evacuated to somewhere outside of the critical danger zone is one I suspect we will never get the true answer to.

  • 88JM

    If that is Jehovah's idea of "blessing" people then I think I'll be better off without it, thanks!

    Of course, the JW's are waiting for Jehovah to "bless" the whole earth, i.e. kill 99% of the population.

  • insidetheKH

    Crazyguy: " What they don't mention was her family members that were killed in that typhoon were inside a KH thinking they were going to be protected by Jehovah since they were in gods house and his people and all.

    What really happened:

    TACLOBAN, Philippines, Nov 13 (Reuters) - Dead bodies clog the basement of the Tacloban City Convention Centre. The dazed evacuees in its sports hall are mostly women and children. the bodies illustrate another, more troubling truth: the evacuation centre itself became a death trap, as many of those huddling in the basement perished in a tsunami-like swirl of water.

    Those with the foresight to evacuate flimsy homes along the coast gathered in concrete structures not strong enough to withstand the six-metre (20-ft) storm surges that swept through Tacloban, capital of the worst-hit Leyte province.

    The Philippines, no stranger to natural disasters, was unprepared for Haiyan's fury.

    "Now, looking back, the preparations were not enough, especially in Tacloban. What we did not prepare for was the breakdown in local functions," said Lucille Sering, secretary of the government's Climate Change Commission.

    Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said the government's response this time was faster than previous disasters.

    "We saw something that is really unprecedented," Abad said. "I don't think we could have prepared for this."

    MANILA, Philippines – Hours before Typhoon Haiyan hit, Philippine authorities moved 800,000 people to sturdy evacuation centers -- churches, schools and public buildings. But the brick-and-mortar structures were simply no match for the jet-force winds and massive walls of waves that swept ashore Friday, devastating cities, towns and villages and killing thousands, including many of those who had huddled in government shelters.

    Roughly a million people are in shelters scattered around 20 provinces, Haiyan's powerful winds could potentially blow off the roofs of storm-proof buildings and suck out their walls due to the sheer force of its energy, experts have said.

    "There aren't too many buildings constructed that can withstand that kind of wind," meteorology expert Jeff Masters told the Associated Press of Haiyan's 195mph landfall. "The wind damage should be the most extreme in Philippines history."

    It was the worst and stronghest typhoon ever to make landfall in history. Of course JW's do not believe that Jehovah protects them when random natural disasters struck!

    Unfortunately about 40 JW's out of the more than 185,000 on the Philipines lost their lives,


    "JW's do not believe that Jehovah protects them when random natural disasters struck!" I said, JWs ( every Xian sect ) grasp at straws for a desperate need to explain why humans die and "God" does nothing. The above quote is a fallacy that is easily debunked. Is it any wonder JWs don't believe it? ( meaning it's not written in the WT )

    In over 120+ years, the Millerite offshoot has learned to be intentionally vague about God's protection and blessing. Exactly how is he blessing you? As a group?? Errr....O-kay????? 😳



    Awesome comment by RichardHaley, BTW.

    TOMO III went out of his way to tell all the attendees of the "Silver Sword" memorial electronic tie-in revival/AGM, that JEEHOOBER made sure the weather was nice, thereby ensuring the completion of the RNWT!

    True story: Special areas were constructed ( with contributions ) to make less humid environments for the RNWT to be properly glued. Perhaps Jeehoobie inspired the GB, much as he did the tabernacle designers?? At any rate, the RNWT was completed on time, mistakes and all!

    Meanwhile, in the Phillipines....


  • eyeuse2badub


    Great comments!

    You pretty much said exactly what many of us have thought for years. Jehober makes sure the 'error filled' silver sword gets printed on time but is tooo busy to save people's lives in the Phillipines? WTF kind of god is that? May the blessings of jehober never be bestowed on me!

    just saying!


  • DesirousOfChange

    Still-In: I spoke with one of the elders afterwords. I mentioned how Moses had his burning bush, the Isrealites had dry land to pass through the Red Sea on, but all we have is invisible stuff. Sure, people who are grateful for things in their lives are happier than those who just take without being thankful. He said what do YOU need? I said that one miracle would be nice. All of those other people got one but all we get is hearsay.

    i have a feeling that this conversation with him isn't over yet.


    Brace yourself.

    Image result for the shit hit the fan

    The shit is about to hit the fan.


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