Their delusion run-ith over in today WT study rag mag.

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    Crazy guy where did you read the whole story about that family? I'd like to check it out.


  • WTWizard

    Was this the same group of idiots that are claiming it is safe to go to Israel to do a 2-week mission? If they said it was safe to do a boasting session in a typhoon, what results do they expect people to see when they go to Israel?

    I expect some whoppers. No, I am not expecting a plane crash or a specific weather event to do them in. Rather, I expect them to waste huge amounts of money on that trip. Then, when they get back, they are going to find their hyperinflation preparation time gone, and the dollar is toilet paper. Some will waste money donating for those books--if they are really expensive, they could imply that you should donate as if for college text books (as much as 300 toilet papers each), both when you get it and upon placement. If you don't place them, too bad. If you run out, shame on you. If costs for books are around those levels, it is going to get pretty expensive. Safe, I don't think so--unless you love mountains of debt.

    Another, even worse, possibility is what happens when they get into orthodox territory around Jerusalem. Those working around Tel Aviv might not have to worry as much about this, but those working in and around Jerusalem had better watch out for those rabbis. And getting pepper sprayed is not going to be the extent of what will happen to those idiots that go into orthodox areas. You place as much as a waste of paper with one of those, that thing could hold onto it and use black magic on you or the whole human race through it. Obviously, they are not going to donate anything, so you are going to have to double donate for each of those very expensive books. All the while, the rabbi does a poverty and celibacy working on you--and the whole human race. Still think it's safe?

    And let's not forget the possibility of another military strike. When you think of Israel, you must always remember the possibility of another rocket strike. Will this be the one that hits Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, leaving you stuck there? Perhaps one will hit Jerusalem, and you get hurt or stranded. As most of those doing these strikes are Muslims and they hate Christi-SCAM-ity, you are a target. And most of those Jews are not too fond of the jokehovian witless religion because it claims to be pure xian. Safe?

    Also, what if you leave for Tel Aviv, do your mission, and the dollar becomes toilet paper while you are in Israel. Flights for America are not leaving because they are not working in America. Thus, you are stuck in Tel Aviv until they get something worked out. Where are you going to stay? You will probably run out of funds, and I don't think of Israel as being exceptionally hospitable to Gentiles, particularly xian missionaries. Chances are good that you are going to end up in debt, denominated in silver at a time when silver is extremely scarce. Still think it's safe?

    This incident in the Philippines with the typhoon should cause everyone that is thinking of doing Israel to think twice before doing so. Do you really want to press your luck? Did the religion claim responsibility for those who died in the storm after the authorities urged evacuation? No. So, do you think they will care if you get stranded in Tel Aviv or fall victim to black magic from the rabbis? No.

  • wifibandit

    Look at page 11. There is not a single scripture on that page.

  • OneFingerSalute

    Yep, we gotta be "thankful" for what we have despite the fact that the popular JDubya's have more, get more, and can get away with all sorts of "sins".

    My JDubya wife found a new husband, left and remarried. Her lies got her all sorts of support from the JDubya's, but were exposed in a worldly legal court with the resulting threat of her being fined and jailed. I was DF'd even though I had done nothing wrong because I took her to court and exposed what should have been private JDubya dirty laundry.

    JDubya men were promoted even though they were drunks, embezzlers, adulterers, liars.



    They will get theirs. I believe that you reap what you sow.


  • Watchtower-Free

    Why the Governing Body owes an explanation for what happened in the Philippines

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