Their delusion run-ith over in today WT study rag mag.

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  • Crazyguy

    I noticed that in paragraph 13 they mention the girl Sheryl that I believe was the same girl that was in their video about the Typhoon that hit the Philippines back in 2013. They talk as if she's so happy and thankful to Jehovah even mention that she lost most of her family in that Typhoon. What they don't mention was her family members that were killed in that typhoon were inside a KH thinking they were going to be protected by Jehovah since they were in gods house and his people and all.

    They also fail to mention that the government authorities were telling people to get out of town but the elders were most likely telling the people in their congregations to stick around and just come to the hall. Three halls had people in them apparently despite the impending doom of the storm they still felt it important to have Thursday night meeting and then the members stayed in the halls until they all were flattened early the next morning. Fortunately deaths occurred in only one of the three halls where a storm surge came in and took half the congregation member's that were there to their deaths including this girls parents.

    If these poor ignorant people would have listen to the authorities and not the elders they would most likely still be alive today. Yes they have Jehovah to be thankful to. How they spin this crap is amazing!!

  • whathappened
    Well, they have been told in the Watchtower to listen to their elders who are appointed by holy spirit and to follow any council given, even if it doesn't sound practical from a human standpoint!!!!!!!
  • stuckinarut2

    Truly mind blowing stuff in this article!

    Way to spin a terrible event, and make it out like it was something faith strengthening or positive!

    Said it once, will say it again..... The GB ARE SICKOS!

  • Divergent

    How about the regular pioneer sister married to an elder who proved unfaithful then abandoned her & their children? (par. 10) They twisted the story to make it sound like she was BLESSED by Jehovah!!!

  • Divergent

    Oh... wait... don't forget about the sister who pioneered for more than 20 years and was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer AND has only 3 to 6 months to live (par. 11) Apparently, she is BLESSED by Jehovah too!!!

  • stillin
    i guess if a person can convince themself that bad times are a blessing from God, they've got it made!
  • Divergent

    Look, if Jehovah was really blessing these people...

    1. The sister would be in a happy marriage with her elder husband until now. Or even if her husband dumped her, she would be blessed with a BETTER husband. But... nooooooo... she is a poor single mother now which no brother wants

    2. The sister who pioneered for more than 20 years would be rewarded with good health and live a long and fruitful life with her husband, surrounded by many spiritual children. But... nooooooo... she was blessed with... CANCER!!!

  • Divergent
    Common sense tells me that if this is how God is taking care of his people, I want no part of it... (walks away)
  • flipper

    I haven't read the article - which I don't anymore after being out over 11 years - but here's another thought I have - How come " Jehovah " didn't protect all of those old Bethelites from dying who were on the cover of the 1984 WT which claimed " Millions Now Living Will Never Die " ? All of them are DEAD now. Where's the alleged " Paradise " ? Are they serving as alleged " Kings and Priests " in heaven ? No. Personally I think they are just disintegrating in their graves as worm food. Once again WT Society cannot deliver on the promise that God allegedly " protects " people. It's an untruth, it's a fallacy, and it's delusional.

    It's a tragedy that the young lady in the opening thread lost her parents in death to the typhoon- but how was SHE any more special than her PARENTS were that God would allegedly protect HER and not her parents ? She's NOT more special - she was lucky . It was a random thing that she survived and her parents did not. This whole thing of God protecting some and letting others die is just plain stupid and superstitious

  • stillin

    Flipper, I was there. It was about being thankful for all of the invisible stuff the Witnesses have.

    I spoke with one of the elders afterwords. I mentioned how Moses had his burning bush, the Isrealites had dry land to pass through the Red Sea on, but all we have is invisible stuff. Sure, people who are grateful for things in their lives are happier than those who just take without being thankful. He said what do YOU need? I said that one miracle would be nice. All of those other people got one but all we get is hearsay.

    i have a feeling that this conversation with him isn't over yet.

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