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    How many of you courted as JWs? Did you have chaperones? If so, do you adhere to that rule all of the time?

  • megsmomma

    I courted as a JW....from the age of 17-barely 19 (Then I was married) We either had chaperon's or if we were able to ride somewhere together we would call the people we were meeting, then call as we were leaving so all of our time could be accounted for. It really helped us to avoid getting to know eachother!

  • shell69

    Yeah we were chaperoned. ruddy annoying practice!

    Got away on our own whenever we could althoug our 'gawd given conciences' didnt allow us to do anything too naughty... likt get o know one another.


  • bite me
    bite me

    My JW friend asked me to 'tag along' with another friend of mine while he went on a date. I always thought, don't you want some private time together? "

    My friend was never one to do anything bad or wrong, but he said since the society required it he had to. What abunch of BS. Not everyone is bad in that way. I felt awkward having to be a babysister, atleast that is what I felt like. The moment I walked in another direction to give him and his date room he asked me to come back.

    I swear they better not ask me to be in the same room with them when they really start to know eachother. lol

  • RisingEagle

    When I made the wrong decision to leave my previously successful fade and return to the witnesses, I did two things. I removed my brain and placed a witness-rule formed stick firmly up get the idea. So when I met my wife to be we always took a chaperone.

    At first it was a female friend/pioneer of my wife's family. We took her everywhere: restaraunts, movies get-togethers, whatever. I'm sure there was enjoyment on her part because I went out my way to make sure she was comfortable and I picked up the tab for anything we did. However, after about two months she started begging off going with us on our dates. I later found out that my future wife's father, who was a suspicious man with a witness-ruled stick in place in his own...was literally grilling this nice older lady about what we talked about, where we went and she didn't like the third degree.

    So we were left without a way to go out and enjoy activities, looking back I think my wife's father would have been glad to have it that way. Our only option was to take my honeybun's younger brother along. He was 14 going on 4. It seemed that everytime we went somewhere the majority of the time we should have spent wooing and cooing we were looking for the little miscreant. Many was the time I put the little...fellow on his backside when my frustration peaked.

    Thank God our engagement was only six months.

  • kifoy

    I usually was the chaperone...

    The good thing about it was that someone would spend time with me that way...


  • hillbilly

    ahhh ...kinda...sorta.....yea mostly

    ~Hill (the 70's in Memphis...ya had to be there class)

  • momzcrazy

    Welcome Child!

    Yes, I courted twice as a JW. Yes we had chaperones. The first time he was out of state. We either had his little sister, a friends little girl or I brought a friend with me when I went up there. We liked the little girl the best. We could put her in front of the TV and have "fun". Our engagement was off when we got caught. And DF'd.

    The second time was with my hubby. We had chaperones too, but not as rigourously as we "should" have. My sister mostly played the part. But we had close friends we double dated with. Movies were the best. He would also pick me up to take me to work (at the bus stop of course) or to go to lunch. We went thru automatic carwashes alot! We were past 18 too, barely. That was 16 yrs ago.

    Ever heard the song Animals from Nickelback? Yep.


  • babygirl75

    I remember having to chaperone for some of my friends. I hated it, felt so uncomfortable and if we were not in a group setting, felt like the third wheel, Just there cause I had to be

    Funny thing is when I got 19 and started dating my future husband, who is now my ex, we did not have a chaperone. The only thing I can figure is because he was so much older than me? Not sure, but at the time I sure wasn't going to question it. The rumor mill did start though when friends saw us out together without a tag along.

  • RisingEagle

    Ever heard the song Animals from Nickelback? Yep.


    My respect for you grows daily!

    I knew I should have washed my car more often!

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