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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    God Damn this Shiiiet. I will not pay to have pedophiles cleared

  • Gill

    llbh - Glad to hear you changed your will! I know of an elderly relative of my husband who also changed their will disinheriting the WTBTS before they died!

    Wha happened! - What you say is horrifically true and reading from the article in the magazines it appears that it is the children and the most vulnerable who are contributing towards paying to clear the pedophiles! How tragically ironic!

  • dedpoet

    Though I personally don't believe that there is any truth
    to these stories, the fact that the watchtower are prepared
    to use accounts about children in poorer countries as examples
    of "selfless giving" is cynical even by their low standards.

    The reason is, of course,that they know their method will work.
    When dubs in more affluent countries read this shameful article,
    and I wouldn't be surprised it it's featured during a service meeting
    during November, they will be guilted into digging even deeper into
    their pockets.

  • Gill

    Dedpoet - I agree with you that these 'stories' are probably made up by a WT writer. It's funny how all these kids write in 'watchtower style'.

  • dedpoet


    Can't you just see it now? This article will be discussed at a service
    meeting in November, with all the "examples" of selfless giving being
    read out during the item, most likely by pre-selected children, after
    which some of those present will have been made to feel sufficiently
    guilty to dig even deeper into their pockets to contribute to the
    furtherance of this never to be repeated, life-saving work, as the org
    calls it.

    That is precisely what this and other, similar articles that they have
    published in the past are designed to do, and they always work.

  • avidbiblereader

    Christ said "You receive freely, give freely"

    Paul said men would rise and teach twisted or false teachings to get your money

    Quite simple really


  • fresia

    They are emotional parasites. When I think of some of those in need in my congregation that never get any help at all from the congregation and they are asked to do more to give more, even if their health is failing there is always some other b/s worst of and we should give of ourselves even more.

    I give to my b/s personally and not in the contibution box anymore.

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