Cheers to all! I'm in the house now! Finally signed up.

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  • Question_Mans_interpretation

    Hey lifeisfun, welcome, I'm a fairly new ex jw and had to undergo a huge mind altering process over this last year after I was DA'd. It takes time and I had to work on it but I have more friends now than I did all my life as a jdub. To do this my husband and i joined adult co-ed sports teams and looked out for people doing the sames things we loved and took the initiative to talk to them. It actually really helped to share our story about being jehovah's witnesses and admitting our relationships were limited because of it and just telling people we wanted to branch out brought about many new introductions. We have made some great quality connections, and I hope the same happens to you

    Almost my entire JW family is from the San Diego/Escondido area whom I'll probably never talk to again cause I'm apostate in their minds or very close to it. Is that about your same area?

  • OzGirl

    Hi Lifeisfun

    I'm new here as well. I just registered recently but have been reading for about 5 years.

    I'm a convert and have always had a network of friends outside the congregation.

    I've always got some project or interest going on and I find that I meet new people through those ways. At the moment, I'm trying to teach myself how to play golf. I can't putt straight to save my life, so to speak. The other players at the driving range notice this and the conversations arise from there. People love to talk about themselves and their interests, so I ask them things like "how long have you been playing? What do you like about the game? Etc, Etc, Etc" The conversations go from there. (I don't ask personal questions and just keep the conversation about golf and the weather and so forth.)

    You have the social skills and as has already been mentioned, you made friends in the congregation, so you just use those same social skills out in the community.

  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    Velkommen Lifeisfun,

    Life certainly can be after extricating oneself from the grip of JW cult.



  • RubaDub


    Welcome. Great to have you officially join the group.

    When you receive the invoice, don't forget the current 30% discount for new members. Just enter JWJOIN30 (all caps) in the promo code box when you receive the invoice.

    Again, great to have you with us.

    Rub a Dub

  • Gone and forgotten
    Gone and forgotten

    Welcome Lifeisfun!

    I've only been here a few months and have more into my future in this short period than I did in the past 5 years fade...these folks are great!

  • Xanthippe
    Lifeisfun welcome, good to have you here. The internal battle in that cult caused depression in me too, I sympathise. Lots of people here have been through similar things, you are not alone anymore.
  • cofty
    Hi Lifeisfun - Welcome, I like your username.
  • stuckinarut2

    Welcome LiF!

    You are amongst unconditional friends here...who will not look down on you for expressing your honest thoughts or for being yourself.

    You will be built up- and no doubt your comments will build up others on this forum!

    Its great to have you on board!

  • LisaRose

    Welcome. You should probably start developing friends and interests outside of the organization, if you haven't done so already. You have not been officially diafellowshipped, but that could change at any time. Even when you know tatt it can be hard to be shunned. Your thinking is probably still influenced by the Watchtower to a certain extent, it takes years to undo the effects of being in a cult. don't be surprised if you have conflicting emotions at times, it will pass.

    You have a great life ahead of you, free of the manipulations and deceptions, enjoy!

  • flipper
    LIFEISFUN- Nice to have you here welcome indeed ! We are here as a support to you. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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