New annual report due soon - what do you expect???

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  • OnTheWayOut

    If they reactivated any inactive publishers with the 15 minute months for elderly and sickly,
    or with the "special" invitation campaign or Kingdom News flyer, or if the growth from
    foreign language congregations (their huge push in USA) compensated for their losses,
    plus enough pre-teens and teens getting baptized- then they will probably have a
    1 to 2.5 % growth in the USA.

    That's alot of "if" but they may have pulled it off one more year.

  • WTWizard

    I predict a report totaling 7,000,001 members. Of that, something like 3 million will be fake time slips, time slips filled out in their behalf ahead of the hounder-hounders, and dummy service. They will put a number like that in order to squeeze out more excitement of having crested another million milestone, but it will be horribly inflated.

    I am hoping to not be that "1" at the end. I will not fill out a time slip, real or fake, and if I ever hear that they filled one out on my behalf, it will be the biggest embarrassment when I post it on some apostate Web site as proof that they are in fact having the hounders fill out fake time slips on behalf of those who are inactive just to appease the hounder-hounders.

    Of those turning in honest service reports of 1 hour or more during the peak month, I believe that it's stretching it to claim much more than 4 million. Of course, that will not show up on those time reports.

    Hopefully, Nigeria's more than 450,000 Bible studies all fall through after eating up lots of capital from the Watchtower Society.

  • Joker10

    Expect me to bookmark this thread for your later amusement, Joker10.

    What a joker you are!

    I wasn't far off, AuldSoul. The US growth for 2007 was 3%, and worldwide 3% also. Almost 40,000 baptisms in the US-- the highest in 9 years. The US has the highest number of baptisms of any country. Brazil close second.

    In Russia, where there is less and less interest in religion, and about 1% decrease in population each year, JWs reached a new peak of publishers with 150,056. That is 4% more. Venezuela and Peru now have 100,000 publishers for the first time.That brings the total to 7.0 million Publishers for this year. Doubling last years growth rate, and the best retention in many years.

  • Quandary

    The good news: Poland, Denmark, Latvia and Japan 0% growth, Slovakia -1% growth-

    The bad news: US and Britain 3% growth, France 2%

    Memorial partakers 9,105

    Peak pubs 6,957,854 Average 6,691,790


  • Quandary

    One more piece of good news- Senegal 0% growth

  • R6Laser

    I still don't see this dwindling down of numbers on the congregations my family attends yet. So far this year they have added 2 new congregations and going for a 3rd one. New halls coming up all the time around where my uncle is.

  • jwfacts

    I am not sure how this is supposed to be good news of any kind. It is time to stop looking at the micro level and seeing things for how they are.

    There are 7 million JWs, ie bugger all. Just like there are a few million Mormons, and Scientologists, and so forth in all manner of cults.

    There are over 6 BILLION people globally. Who cares if a religion grows by a 100 thousand if they teach that 100million additional people born that year are about to be slaughtered by God.

  • steve2

    Can some helpful poster direct me to the thread that has the worldwide details of the latest annual report for 2007 (the one that is to be published in the Februaru 2008 Our Kingdom Ministry and the 2008 Yearbook).

    Many thanks.

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    I expect an increase because of the minimum FS time required is no longer and hout but 15 minutes. Many people who were not reporting are suddenly "active" again. I think they changed that so that the rank and file don't see just how badly the numbers have dropped. Just my two cents worth.

  • JK666

    I agree with those who have shouted "LIARS!"

    First, most publishers and pioneers "enhance" their hours on their monthly reports.

    Second, if the Organization lies about so many other things, how can we trust ANY of their accounting?


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