X--JW WarFare..."OUTLAW Style"

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  • primitivegenius

    better to request the book and see if they will get it themselves............. lots of librarys will just sell books that are donated and use the money to buy the books that are requested......... even if they are selling the same books that are being requested.

    only in america

  • rebel8

    Here are some ideas I’ve posted in the past. Rather good ones, if I do say so myself. ;)

    These are techniques I have used IRL for issues I care about.





  • greendawn

    Donating a book or CD to a library is an easy and inexpensive move that can go a long way in helping out people.

    I don't think the WTS is an org that seeks world domination they surely know that is way beyond their power one wrong mov eand they will be snapped.

    They are however opportunists using religion to make money and they have succeeded in producing seven million victims and perhaps another as many that were JWs and left but got spiritually damaged in the meanwhile (family shunning, a JW mentality maladjusted to life in the real world). Fortunately most of these eventually move on in life.

  • ozziepost


    Food for thought. Thanks.

    Come to think of it, it's food for their thoughts, eh?

  • nvrgnbk

    Thanks, OUTLAW.

    Excellent idea!

    I'd like to add that the books don't even have to be about JWs specifically.

    There were two books in particular that helped me to "get the ball rolling"

    I was lurking here when I read them.

    After reading them this past winter, I began to post.

    They were...


    I highly recommend both.

    I suggest these in addition to CoC, because I know that when I read them, I wasn't ready for Franz yet. LOL!

    Again, awesome idea, brother.

    Say 'Hi' to the penguins for me.

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    Excellent idea. The first xjw book I read came from the library. It was Barbara Harrison's "Visions of Glory" and in retrospect I think it prepared me for Crisis of Conscience in that it gave a glimpse behind the curtain that CoC ripped down entirely.

  • Mystery

    January 2008 Watchtower - Cover Page

    "Libraries - Are They Safe for our Brothers?"

    Good idea Outlaw. The library was the first place I went when i began to doubt (there was no internet). I wish they would have had COC. Never know who will stumble across it.

  • oompa

    Good thoughts Outlaw. I first went to a Barnes an Nobles to read some former JW info. I have not found any of these specific books at boodstore either though. Anyone know how or how well are they being distributed?

    Canadians are sooo smart....oompa

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Apparently for some odd reason my local library doesn't outright accept donations, however, here in MI one can make a request for a book.

    And that is on my list of things to do.


    Good Morning JWD!!................GreenDawn..The WBT$ will never obtain World Domination..But..They certainly preach it!...............Oz..Food for thought indeed!..WBT$ will have a great deal of trouble getting information about them,out of library`s...............nvrgnbk..Yes,I`ll say Hi to the Penguins for you..LOL!!....................oompa..I haven`t seen this information in book stores either..You have to buy:"Ray Fanz`s"Crisis of Conscience" and Barbera Anderson`s "Secrets of PEDOPHILIA in an American Religion..Jehovah`s Witness`s in Crisis" directly from the publishing company..If anyone has more information on this,please post it on this thread.................Thank you "All" for your Reply`s and your Great Idea`s...OUTLAW

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