Do "Apostates/ex-jws" picket their "new" churches if they disagree?

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  • booker-t

    It seems that every ex-jws now has so much rage at the WT society for the way they were treated and all of the scandals. I was wondering though if an "Apostate/ex-jws" found disagreement or scandal in their new church would they picket or get on the internet or get on TV warning people about the Christian church? I can answer that question with one word NO. It seems that when a JW's becomes disgruntle and leaves the WT society they accept anything the churches tell them. It seems like that don't want to make waves or that they feel that they cannot take being deceived by another church. A good scenario would be a battered wife that spent years with an abusive husband and finally leaves. She meets another man and after so much time gets into a relationship with him. But when he becomes a abusive husband she will usually keep quiet because people will start looking at her as the "problem" not her husbands/boyfriends. Apostates/ex-jws are exactly the same way. Nobody put a gun to their heads and made them believe in all of the stuff the WT taught them. I think that is why many stay in a cycle of anger. They are more mad at themselves but it is easier to blame the big bad WT.

  • erandir

    It could be "rage" but maybe it's righteous indignation at an arrogant organization that calls itself God's only true organization on earth and yet doesn't live up to those claims and ends up bloodguilty for many thousands of its members. Maybe it's righteous indignation at a whole nest of false prophets, hypocritical pharisees, and blind, unreasonable followers who are quick to shun an individual for speaking his mind? What other church in Christendom is like this? What other church in Christendom kicks out its members for having a differing opinion and telling their family members to shun them in order to coerce them back into the "right way of thinking?"

    Is this righteous indignation on the part of the so-called apostate justifiable? Or are you saying they should just shut up and suck up?

    And I don't believe that most ex-jws, as you say, join another church. From what I infer, it seems like most ex-jws steer clear of organized religion because the JW's have taught them by example that "religion is a snare and a racket."

    Also, could you provide proof in your claim about battered wives of second husbands. I've never heard of this.

  • greendawn

    The WTS didn't put a gun to anyone's head but they are nonetheless very deceitful and manipulative and mislead people with false promises and expectations.

    The worst thing about them though is that they seek to tightly control their members' lives and impose on them their wishes (supposedly God's wishes) something mainstream religions don't do nowadays.

    That's why they incur the kind of anger decent religions don't, they also do not disgrace their members and cast them off in the way the WTS does.

  • Satanus

    It shows what you know about churches, in general. I went to churches for about 2 yrs, after leaving the wt. Generally, churches don't insist that all attenders agree w everything. Church management generally allows members freedom to disagree, attend other churches, come and go, talk w whom they want. They generally aren't cults, like the wt is.



    BookerT..Lots of us were raised in this Cult....We were beaten by our parents if we didn`t follow the insane rules of the WBT$......"No one put a gun to our heads?"..Wrong!.......That dog just won`t hunt!...OUTLAW

  • Shawn10538

    As an apostate that has picketed before, I couldn't disagree more with your analysis. If I am ever treated the way JWs have treated me again, then I would respond in the same exact way, with anger and proper defensiveness, which might include strategic defensive moves. There is a reason why ex's are angry, it's not for nothing. They are angry because they have been abused. The scenario you mentioned is not a good one because a person who is abused by another person, unless they are psycotic, would be even more sensitive to being abused again ("once bitten, twice shy") and would be more likely to end a relationship with an abuser, hopefully.

    Your view seems to be leaning towards the Society's view, that JWs are the true religion, and therefore are unjustifiably persecuted and hated. JWs think they are the most hated religion in the world because they are the true religion. Facts seem to indicate otherwise. They are not the most persecuted religion in the world, but they are close. They are persecuted because THEY PERSECUTE!!! They persecute their own members to keep them quiet. Being angry about that is a reasonable response. If an exJW is NOT angry about being abused, that would be strange. Personally I wish more ex's would picket and be vocal about the atrocities that have been committed by the WTS. You seem to be an apologist for the WTS, so your credibility is not too high. Not too many people on this board are gong to take you seriously because you seem to have made up your mind about certain things and are no longer interested in falsifying the WTS, (maybe you never were) efforts at falsifying being the scientific stance to have on the matter. If they CAN be falsified, then they MUST be falsified, it is imperative for the sake of truth.

    JWs cry and suck their thumb every time someone even hints at being critical towards them. See one of my previous posts about JWs being pussies these days. They have no fight in them. They are just coasting until the New System apparently. They can't and won't argue or defend their beliefs either because they don't really know their beliefs and can't explain them, or they are once bitten twice shy because they have had their asses kicked out in the field by people who know more about their religion than they do, just like members of this board are by far more knowledgeable about JW doctrine than 99% of witnesses. So even the slightest hint at a critical thought is interpreted as persecution and sends them running like crazy people. This is typical mentality of cults; many cults exhibit a persecution complex as JWs have. I think I can speak for everyone on this board in saying that if any other chuch ever tried to fuck us over again, we would kick their asses just the same as we're kicking the ass of the WTS right now.

  • OnTheWayOut

    It's thought like the post that started this thread that actually keep me bitter.

    Let's look at a different yet similar situation.
    The U.S. has an all-volunteer army in Iraq. Nobody twisted their arms and made them serve.
    They were sure that they were doing a good thing for freedom when they went over there.
    They are there still doing their job. If they thought it wasn't the right thing to do, they would
    put down their arms and quit.

    It's impossible to put politics aside when I choose such an example. But let's try to analyze
    that situation. Mr. Bush said there were WMD there. He said that Iraq was the haven for
    terrorist cells that would continue to attack America on American soil. Whether that second
    part is true or not is arguable. The first part, though- no WMD. It is possible that the politicians
    were swayed by post-9/11 ferver and that the recruiting took advantage of that situation and
    further swayed people to join.

    Many soldiers were forced to go because they were reservists. Many are forced to go again
    past the time they volunteered for, because Uncle Sam has them on the hook.
    Quitting is not as simple as putting your gun down. You would be branded a coward and a
    traitor and you might do hard time for quitting. It is practically impossible to convince everybody
    to agree on this issue.

    Can you at least acknowledge that it's possible? Some of what I type is correct, maybe?
    Okay, then isn't it possible that a JW was deceived into joining? Isn't it possible that he lost out
    on things growing up? Isn't it possible that he lost family to the blood policy or that his closest
    family won't talk to him now that he recognizes the religion as untruth? "Just get over it" is not
    always going to cut it.

    When an ex-JW chooses a church, then decides it isn't for him anymore, does he get shunned
    by his mother or grandmother? Does his own child never speak to him again because of this church?
    Did he commit years of his life and lifesavings to this church before deciding to quit it?
    Highly unlikely on those answers.

    So comparing a bitter picketing ex-JW to an ex-JW / ex-XYZ Church member is not comparing
    apples and apples.

    It seems that when a JW's becomes disgruntle and leaves the WT society they accept anything the churches tell them.

    I won't say you are wrong, but I don't know of anyone here who blindly accepts any doctrine after
    freeing themselves from WTS doctrine. There probably are some, but they would be a tiny minority.
    There are battered wives who enter another abusive relationship, so you may have met some JW's
    who entered another abusive church. I doubt they feel the same, though. They can quit this one
    without fear of retribution quite like the WTS deals out.


    I personally have not remained an angry person AT ALL. I do get provoked a bit by reading some postings in here because it reminds me of what I had experienced. Otherwise, I don't even think about it. It's in my past and is pretty much forgotten until someone reminds me again.

    I have been to other churches since leaving, and I have to admit, I was VERY much impressed with how they dealt with people who did wrong. They did not throw them out or shun them. They were prayed for. People put their hands on them and prayed that God would heal them of their habit or forgive them of the sin they committed. Once a person says they are sorry and prayed to God about it, the case is closed, it is then all in God's hands.

    The Jdubs just go to the extreme to show total control over everyone. They want control of the world. So does Satan. Are they related?


  • Junction-Guy

    Sort of like what was mentioned above, most XJW's would not allow themselves to become involved in an abusive religion in the first place, if there was any cult-like activity, they would pick up on it and leave before they were ever involved deeply enough to be hurt.

    I dont picket churches, however if a church was promoting blatantly false doctrine, and they were psychologically damaging the children, then I wouldnt have a problem picketing that church.

    Face it Booker-T, you have a hatred towards Christendom that was fueled by the JW organization.

    You dislike born-again Christians more than you do the JW Cult.

  • Effervescent

    You're making an awful lot of assumptions here. I don't even know where to start.

    Most people go through a cycle of emotions when they exit the JWs, based on whatever experience they had. Rage may be part of it, but it is usually fleeting and replaced by other emotions.

    As others have said, most other churces allow for disagreement. They also allow people to come and go as they see fit. My hubby was raised in a strict Catholic household and is now athiest. When we were married his family filled the seats (and yes, they know he's athiest!) and my family was noticably absent. Not because I'm a bad person... but because I left the religion I was born into. I would applaud the effort of any individual that felt compelled to warn others of an organization that taught hate and intolerance and caused the breakup of countless families.

    No, no one put a gun to my head to be a JW growing up. But it was made very clear to me from the time I was a very young girl that my parents would only feel pride and love for me if I was the person they wanted me to be. I would have done anything to have them love me. I did what I could. If at this point I feel anger towards anyone, it's at my parents who put faith in a corporation above love for their own child and continue to shun me and my children based on the Watchtowers sick teachings.

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