Life is sweet

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  • RollerDave

    Got my truck back.

    It was best-case, in the neighborhood of $2000, rather than the worst-case of $3000 or catastrophic-case $6000.

    Head gaskets.

    Bad, I know, but it could have been cracked heads, or worse.

    I paid my peasly little two grand and that Aposta-Truck roared to life! It's gleaming smugly outside my garage right now.

    Life is sweet, I got my truck back.

    Helped my daughter build a 'model' for her piano technician classes, a board with hitch pins on one end, and tuning pins on the other, a bridge in between (with bridge pins) and a string.

    Basically a model of a set of three piano strings for one note in a simulation of the stuff that mounts it in a real piano.

    I love woodworking, and I love making things. I love making things well. I love making things beautiful.

    Life is sweet.

    I lost 16lbs!

    I been such a good boy, avoid the carbs, drink the water, exercise and wheeze and gasp, suffer, fat boy!

    16lbs. For me that's quite a bit!

    Gonna keep it up,

    Life is sweet!

    I just got to tell all my JWD friends why I am smiling, This is the only board I really feel at home on. I tried the lo-carb board, the volksrods forum, the metalworking and street rod forums. I have frequented the conservative boards, the gun nut boards and the carry permit boards.

    I am into all of those things, but they really don't define me the way 'apostate' does. I was raised in a mindset that requires a central place in one's mind, it makes sense that breaking free from that mindset would be equally central to my psyche, that and trying to help others out.

    JWD is where I fit,

    Life is sweet.

    Why is YOUR life sweet?


  • LtCmd.Lore


    But all ex-jws are supposed to be miserable! Satan's world is supposes to, I dunno, tear you down and stuff.

    Perhaps you're hurting, inside.... yeah that'll work, come back to the truth and it'll all be better.

    Lore - What.Would.Satan.Do?

  • JK666


    Glad things are going so well, and you have the big bad Apostatruck back on the road!


  • RollerDave

    Oh yeah, that's what's gonna happen.

    I'm gonna hop in my failed misery unfriendly monster four-by-four, belt on my .40, don my leather Harley cap and old sweats and t-shirt with pro-second amendment political slogan, and roll into a KH sometime soon.

    LOL, just imagine how the little dubs and dubettes would gather their dublets and scatter when I started handing out free copies of Captives of a Concept.

    I should oughta be sure I cut the phone lines first, or my little visit might be cut short by the lawdogs.

    Life with striped sunshine and an affectionate cellmate might not be all that sweet.


    Edited to add: Thanks JK, I like it!

  • jaguarbass

    Glad you got your truck back Roller Dave.

    My lifes sweet because tomorrow night I am going to see Bogus Pomp at the state theater in St Pete.

    And JImmy Carl Black the Inidian of the group from the MOthers of Invention will be there.

    Bogus Pomp is a Frank Zappa tribute band that nails it.

  • CyrusThePersian


    Congratulations on the weight loss! As a former fatty myself, I know how good it must make you feel shedding those pounds!

    Congrats on getting your truck back, too. You're right, it could have been a lot worse.

    I know what you mean about this message board. Even though you and I disagree politically (I am a tree-hugging ultra-liberal pansy) we find a common interest that most people in society don't share- that is, being at one time JW's. Whether we want it to or not, being former witnesses partly defines who we are, and I think that's why this board is so important to people like us.


  • greendawn

    It's great that things are looking up for you with good weight loss and a lot of creative work. Life only begins after one leaves the blood sucking JW vampire of a cult.

    I can't understand why fixing a blown head gasket cost as much as $2000.

  • bluebell

    Glad you got your truck back, and 16lb is a lot to lose, my hubby isn't too big, just a little tubby and my life is good cos I blow rasberries into his tummy! yey!


    Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and joys. Way to go.

    My life is sweet one one main reason alone "NOT BEING A JW ANYLONGER". That alone means, I can now enjoy my life to the fullest in every single thing I do. Life could never be sweeter, at least not on this earth. On the other side or in heaven or wherever we go that will be the ultimate life. Looking forward to that day, meaning, when my time comes, I'm looking forward to it with no fears, fears that JW's and some other churches have inflicted upon us.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    RollerDave I love you man ! What a great veiw of life you have this morning . It's good you got your baby back . I love hearing someone that is enjoying life the way it should be done.

    Being a witness was draining happiness even in small things right out of my soul . No matter what was happening in our lives we had to second guess everything we did . Constantly asking was this what we should be doing , is it stumbling anyone , will the brothers get the wrong idea .ect . ect.

    Today I am enjoying a peaceful happy life . I actually catch myself smiling as I am driving down the road for no good reason other than I no longer feel a heavy weight on my shoulders weighing me down . I laugh again when I am out to lunch with a friend . I call my kids and share jokes of the day with them . I live a quiet simple life ,but I am happy now !

    Everyday I pass a pioneer sister on the way to work . She is a very kind soul and a few years ago I called her my friend . I worry about her now.The life is being sucked out of her . As I pass her on her way to the hall she is tense, never smiling, looking so unhappy . When I see her that way I am thankful I left when I did . I choose happiness over servitude .

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