Is There Something You'd Like To Tell A Witness "Lurker" Right Now?

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  • snowbird

    I still love ya, rosalee!


    LOL. You're something else, BFD.


  • dedpoet

    Don't let the elders catch you lurking

    Seriously, keep reading, join the forum, and post when you
    feel up to it. You will be welcomed here, and it'll be genuine,
    unlike the "love bombing" at the kingdom hall.

  • ex-nj-jw
    I still love ya, rosalee!

    Don't fear leaving the JW's the real world is not so bad! Live your life be happy and stop fearing death and waiting for something better that you may or may not ever be a part of. Enjoy life now because you are not guaranteed tomorrow!


  • journey-on

    Jehovah's Witnesses have a mantra: Get Out of Her My People If You Do Not Want to Share in Her Sins.

    In light of that mantra, think about this. Information is out there and I'm not talking about Apostate Websites.

    I'm talking about real verifiable information. You have to WANT to KNOW the TRUTH.

    If you really believe in God and Christ Jesus, then you are treading on very dangerous grounds by not investigating

    the truth about the "truth". You are relying on man and allowing them to tell you God doesn't want you to check anything

    out about their organization. You are letting your ears be tickled. Maybe He is in the process right now of getting the

    right-hearted people out of this organization and YOU are not "hearing with hearing ears" nor are you allowing yourself

    to "see with seeing eyes".

    Your precious WTB&TS was an NGO member of the "image of the Beast", the United Nations. Only after

    being found out, did they dissolve this membership. Then they gave the lame excuse it was for permission to use

    their library. Upon further investigation, it has been found that that was not a necessary requirement. It's all verifiable

    yet you turn a blind eye to the facts and continue to serve this part of Babylon the Great. Maybe God is getting

    everybody out and because of your devotion to a man-made organization of men rather than the spirit led direction

    of God, you are being duped yet again. Think about it.

  • Skimmer

    To lurkers:

    Do not waste another day, hour, or minute in thralldom to the WTBTS and its 130 year history of lies, deceit, cover-ups, and failed prophecies. By remaining a part of the filthy organization, you only help it to continue to snare innocent victims. Now that you know the truth about the "Truth", you will someday be held accountable for your actions if you continue with its corruption.

    Don't bother with a long "fade".

    Don't bother with a long disassociation letter which will be ignored.

    Don't bother trying to make changes that won't be made.


    From your pal Skimmer, now out for 34 years.

  • 4mylove

    Sweetface, i loved the way you put that.

  • sweetface2233
    Sweetface, i loved the way you put that.

    Thank you 4mylove. I had such a negative attitude all the time, no matter if I was going to the meetings or not. Then one day I was talking to freegirl2006 in an IM conversation and I realized why. My entire life I had been trained that our current life is terrible. We will never find happiness before Armegeddon. Our happiness awaits us in the future.

    There are so many things to enjoy now. I am happy just being alive. I've never been happy about that and now I smile when I wake up in the morning.

  • yknot

    Pray to Jah for Holy Spirit.

    Read your Bible. Research interlinears (multiple-avoid Wescott-Hort due to gross spiritism) to help with accurate understanding.

    Take in the full meaning/context of any scriptures quoted in pubs, fact check secular quotes found in pubs. Are they being applied correctly or using snipets to support current teachings?


    If you have been baptized in or after 1985 ask yourself if the Bible speaks favorable of serving 2 masters?Ask yourself if you truly believe that an organization is above the lures of Satan? Did Satan try to lure Jesus into temptation? Could you accept that an organization's leaders can choose to stop following Jah or to put material gain above true worship? Is your spiritual relationship to God and his Son based love, knowledge, familiarity, and devotion or that of rituals? Are you currently "drawn close to Jah" are you currently "following the Christ"?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    First, a little scripture quotin':

    1 John 5:20 (NWT) " ...he has given us intellectual capacity that we may gain the knowledge of the true one. ... "

    It's OK to use your brain. Jehovah gave it to you and says it's OK.

    Worst case, and other, scenarios:

    1. Read here. Post here. Get cast into the Lake of Fire. In other words, this life is all there is (for you) IF the JWs are 100% correct. Is that REALLY so bad? Not as bad as the next scenario....

    2. If certain fundies are right, you REALLY better make sure of your beliefs because an eternity of painful torment awaits you as long you stay a JW. Are you REALLY sure the Rich Man and Lazarus was just a parable? (Can't believe I just used the fear card. But hey, when it comes to trying to wake someone up, I'll take the low road if only for a minute. At least I'm being up front about the mind-control technique. )

    3. If a bazillion other possible world views are perhaps correct (having in common the agreement that JWs are not God's Sole Channel) then you need to at least consider the possibility that you're wasting this precious thing called life.

    If this helps, here's my endorsement to continue researching. I do not for one instant regret learning what I have learned. I did have moments of second guessing myself in the early days, but no more. I am now a very comfortable Child of Satan. (Teezin') C'mon folks. Lighten up. Even my loyal-dub parents might get a chuckle out of that last line. Gotta keep your sense of humor.

    Open Mind

    Formerly and/or currently Regular Pioneer, Elder, Husband, Father, and, IMHO fairly decent human being.

  • minimus

    Wonderful comments!!!! Keep them coming!!!!

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