watch for the squibs used in demolition

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    Ninja I hear you.

    I was listening to coast to coast here in the states last night.

    They deal with all aspects of conspiracy.

    They put forth that the earth is being visited or manipulated by 5 different groups of aliens.

    Who and why blew up the towers?

    And why are they allowing us to see the video you just posted?

    I agree it seems like the towers were demolished by explosives.

    I keep thinking back to David Icke.

  • sweetface2233

    Speak of the Devil and he walks right in the room. Another JWD poster and I were, not 5 mins ago, talking about the 9/11 attacks. I think it was an inside job...COMPLETELY. Look at the tapes. Case in point...World Trade Center # 7. The building had fires on 2-3 floors and it WASN'T hit by a plane. Yet, that bitch fell straight down to the ground into it's own footprint.

    I have read the debate on this board about it before. If I could just please get this one question answered. Why did World Trade Center 7, a steel framed building, collapse? WHY?

  • Leolaia

    Re WTC7, there's some good information here:

    The building had fires on 2-3 floors

    Actually there was fire on AT LEAST 13 floors, as low as the 6th and as high as the 30th (since the 5th floor had no windows, there was possibly fire there as well). The entire south face of the building belched smoke for many hours, and the fire spread to the north and east faces as time went on.

    it WASN'T hit by a plane

    No, but a 110-story skyscraper did slam into it.

    Yet, that bitch fell straight down to the ground into it's own footprint.

    Actually it fell quite a bit outside its footprint, severely damaging nearby buildings.

    If I could just please get this one question answered. Why did World Trade Center 7, a steel framed building, collapse? WHY?

    There is no complete answer to this question yet, as the problem is still being studied by engineers. There are many possible contributing factors that are being considered. The building sustained considerable damage from the collapse of WTC1. It also burned unhindered for seven hours on multiple floors. It also had a uniquely vulnerable structure, built over a ConEd substation (with an open atrium elsewhere on the lower floors) with cantilever girders and trusses transferring the weight of the entire building above the fifth floor. The failure of this structure is indicated by the sinking of the east penthouse before the global collapse itself. The fifth floor also had two 12,000-gallon fuel tanks which may or may not have contributed to the fires. Possibly a combination of all these factors played a role, but the NIST study of the probable collapse initiation has not yet released a definitive account.

    It was known for much of the afternoon that the structure of the building was undergoing failure. According to Deputy Fire Chief Peter Hayden (, the firemen discovered at 2 pm that there was a visible bulge between floors 10 and 13 and they used a transit to confirm that the building was leaning (cf. to hear a firefighter describe a similar thing BEFORE WTC7 collapsed). Fire Chief Daniel Nigro who led the initial effort to fight the fire in WTC7 also relates the same thing:

  • Abaddon


    Take a bicycle pump. Drill a hole in it halfway up. Pump it. See how air escapes through the hole?

    As the floor collapsed the waves of pressure moving down the building forced debris, dust, light office paraphernalia, through windows already broken or overcome by the pressure wave.

    This means that in advance of the collapsing floors one can see some floors lower debris being blown out of the building.

    This is not rocket science, and is easily found as an explanation for the so-called-squibs by any one who bother to look.

    However, constructing a self-image as an iconoclastic conspiracy uncoverer is normally far too consuming a pass time to do any proper research or try to understand any proper science.

    In this tread I predict lovers of conspiracy hypotheses will post tired old hackneyed conspiracy claims they could have found comprehensive refutations if they had bothered. When they are directed to the refutation of such old hackneyed conspiracy claims they will ignore them and carry on believing what they believed in beforehand.

    Conspiracies are just another form of addition; like drug addition, it's not based upon availability of a drug but rather on pre-existing internal conditions within the mind of the addict.

    Whilst the build-up and response too 9/11 is replete with question marks, anyone who thinks explosives felled WTC1, 2 or 7, or anything other than a passenger plane hit the Pentagon are just falling for deluded people or con artists; one of the leading lights of the conspiracist community is a Mormon professor who thinks the Flood was real!! Another main liht is maiin a very nice living from the industry he's tried to centre around himself.

  • berten


    What happened to WTC 7,that it collapsed in such a way that only a demolition could have caused it ?

    Why did BBC and CNN report the collapse before it actually did ?

    Why was it possible that heavily guarded airspace was not guarded at all that fateful day?

    And so many other questions...

    There are far too many questions that the official story does not answer in a satisfactory way.

    Anyway,I guess it will be the same as with JW's and ex-JW's,what is obvious to one group is

    not the case with the other...

  • avengers

    I have my own theories. Not that anyone gives a hoot.

    Well, here it is:

    The pope in Rome: "Damn, the Islam is really getting strong and the way it's going now they're gonna be bigger than us Christians.
    How can we stop these Muslems from taking over the world?"

    Then it struck him like lightning, like a Divine Godly revelation: "Now lets say we destroy something of which the western world is very fond of, like the WTC buildings. We give lots of mula to a person we hire who has no ties with Rome or no ties to the Islam and let this person take care of it."

    This person in turn hires people like Ben Laden. Lots of money is put in this.

    When the WTC is struck all the blame goes to the Muslems, while actually they had nothing to do with this.

    All the attention of the whole world is on the Islam. What happens? Well, look at Afghanistan, Irak, Iran etc.

    This is a blow for the Islam.

    Rome is off the hook. Christianity is flourishing again. The Islam takes a big loss.

    Lets see what the pope comes up with when the Islam gets up and going again.

    Who knows?


  • Leolaia

    avengers....LOL, I think if Rutherford were alive today he would claim something very close to this, except he would say that the Vatican is the unseen hand behind Islam and they are really partners in the same "organization".

  • Abaddon


    What happened to WTC 7,that it collapsed in such a way that only a demolition could have caused it ?

    This is untrue; not saying you are a liar, but I am saying if you spent the time you have absorbing the conspiracist claims reading the refutations of the same you would be as critical of conspiracist nonsense as I am.

    Tell you what, go through this website;

    I find this refutes most conspiracist claims; if you find any that you feel it does not address at all, or that it does not refute some it does address, by all means list them and I will have a go as I have folders of stuff on 911 conspiracy theory websites and of those refuting their claims and this is just one I picked at random

    Why did BBC and CNN report the collapse before it actually did?

    As the journalist was standing in front of the building when she made what was obviously a mistake, it seems that given the lack of one shred of hard evidence proving a demolition (repeat, not one shred of hard evidence) and despite not one credible person out of the thousands who would have been involved in wiring massless, invisible explosives using cloaks of invisibility and invisible wires breaking the conspiracy of silence (repeat not one), this is the best the conspiracists can come up with.

    Now, I know that the fire department had already withdrawn firefighters from the building/area, that sensors they were using had revealed the bulding was showing all the signs of movement that would eventually end in a sudden collapse, and that it is just possible the news that WTC7 was going to collapse got muddled in all the chaos into had collapsed.

    Many believers of the conspiracist movement are unaware of that second rather important fact as they draw their information solely or largely from people who are obsessive conspiracists or knowing charlatans after attention or a quick buck, and even if the originators of such bilge KNOW this second fact, they keep quiet about it, as everyone knows buildings that are demolished don't show signs they are going to collapse many many minutes if not hours beforehand, and if they revealed this information it would rubbish all claims WTC7 was demolished.

    I can supply links etc., but my point is, if you'd tried to test the accuracy of conspiracist claims with the vigour you've spent reading them, you'd have found that out yourself. I've done this debate enough times I am bored with doing other people's work for them as I now see continued belief as a result either of credulity and laziness, or some pre-existing mental issue.

    Why was it possible that heavily guarded airspace was not guarded at all that fateful day?

    This is a red flag claim, as the only way you can make this claim is if you haven't studied anything other than conspiracist claims

    And so many other questions...

    Lots of questions to which there are lots of answers if you look for them.

    Now let me be clear; I don't want people bundling claims as is oft done in the conspiracy movement (e.g. the invasion of Iraq was all about oil and this proves the US government were behind 9/11).

    I agree that there are question marks over the US's lack of readiness for and reaction to the 911 attacks. I think the Bush administration either lied or showed massive incompetence in their assessments about WoMD in Iraq and knowingly used false linkages between 911 and Iraq to bolster support for an Iraq invasion, just as they did with the claims re. WoMD. I believe the USA is being run for the benefit of the super rich by successive administrations. I believe the War on Terror is designed to allow the infringement of civil liberties, a public willingness to pour billions into military spending (current spending is higher in real terms than when the US was preparing for war with a super power, and I believe that a group of people who ran exactly the same set of tricks in the final years of the Soviet Union are still in positions of power and responsibility today.

    But claims that explosives were used to demolish WTC 1, 2 & 7, or that something other than passenger jets controlled by terrorists hit WTC 1, 2, 7 and the Pentagon are unproven, and often easily refutable in detail

    I have yet to see ONE conspiracist come up with calculations showing the amount of explosives and wiring required to set up WTC 1, 2 & 7 for demolition, and of how this was done without attracting attention considering how long this would realistically take.

    Why? because to do so would have the same effect on their claims as claims pairs of each animal survived the Flood in an ark.

    Maths and physics and common sense make the ark an obvious fairy story before you even look at geological evidence for the Flood and find it wholly lacking.

    Preparing the WTC towers for demolition without anyone noticing or one person breaking silence is just as a big fairy story.

    But I will await with interest people showing me how the towers were prepared for demolition without anyone noticing or one person breaking silence . Hasn't happened yet, but maybe one day someone will.

    But whilst conspiracists FAIL to prove the alternative explanation they offer for collapse is possible in the real world, I am sure this won't stop their claims. Just like believers in the Flood still make their claims despite their inability to prove the ark is anything other than a flight of fancy.

    Quite how ex-cultists can be so prone to cognitive dissonance after what they escaped I do not know...

    There are many provable or highly probable 'conspiracies', including some I've mentioned above. I think it is sad people's attention is draw away from real instances of malgovernance by nonsense like this.

  • Elsewhere

    You have GOT to be kidding me.

    Armchair Morons who have never taking a single course in physics and engineering talking about the characteristics of controlled demolition.

    I agree it seems like the towers were demolished by explosives.

    Yeah... psychotic terrorists who hijacked commuter jets and flew them into the buildings. Am I the only one here who actually saw it happen on the news?

    Many of the terrorists who did it made videos beforehand describing what they were going to do. Osama admitted to planning it. Others admitted to being a part of it. There is hard empirical evidence that proves beyond any doubt that these guys are the ones who did it. All the conspiracy theorists have are BS ideas they keep farting out their asses without providing ANY proof what so ever.

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