Observation on Things Not said.

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    So true...


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    Have you ever noticed that around here MORE is said when people are silent than when they are talking sometimes.

    If you are refering to me not congratulating you and sexy, umm, I mean 6of9...well, I was going to bump it back to the top later after I got over my jealously.


    not yet, still not over it.

    Ah hon, No I should have expanded and not kept everyone in suspense. I was referring to people not talking. Lets take for instance when we have a poster who is posting hot and heavy...Then all the sudden stops. Why? Are they having a hard time of it? Are they moving on? Have they found a life outside the board.

    Sometimes feelings are hurt. Sometimes I notice people start threads asking, "who do we miss?" And you might note some people always take care to mention someone that has been lost to us for a long time. Some people really don't say much but when they do it seems to be a whole bunch. You know, just the right touch of love.

    And some by the silence are telling us a whole mess. Maybe by the last post they put up being not in the usual chipper way and now all the sudden they don't post.

    Or if they usually flirt with the whole damn world and all of the sudden they turn into St. Mary and never post. Maybe they got embarrassed or have something going on? You know. Silence says a lot. I guess I have taken time to observe and I have noticed a lot of old favorites have drifted into spuratic and few post like they have a life outside the board. Then there is that early on lurker silence. Then that silence you get when you had a good drink or ten and PM'ed the whole damn world and told everyone how sexy they were and should not have. Then the silence when you revealed all. Then the silence when you don't know what to say.

    Possibly the silence because you think you are over the board. And somewhere in there the silence because you realize you can come back anytime you want and contribute...and there is life outside the board...and in the board also! That it is not all about you or how good or sexy you are or what you did or did not do, how much you hate or love...and possibly how to help others.

    Then the silence that comes from knowing you learned the most by experiencing it all yourself. The love, joy, hope, and hurt, everything deception and the dynamics of the board yourself. So each should take their turn. So you are silent as you take your turn learning at silence and observing and learning..

    That is what I meant.

    Ah and Lisa, I am sure there are a few people that will recover and get on board in a bit. (No pun intended) They will just have to pick up with bachelor number two. There are still a lot of good men left on JWD. I just happened to take the one I love the absolute best. Let the flirting resume (starting with bachelor number two) and may you catch the bouquet!

    Edited to add: Six says your married so duck if the bouquet comes at you. Oh and he blushed!

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    Well cool, if you can tell what I'm thinking when I don't say anything, what do I need to post at all for?

    I'm gonna go get a snack, and you can talk to me while I'm gone.

    Lore - W.W.S.D?

  • Sparkplug

    Well cool, if you can tell what I'm thinking when I don't say anything, what do I need to post at all for?

    Smart butt....

    Extremist, Don't you think? It was a clue to keep a heads up for fellow posters that they may be going through things. A reminder of the phases we go through on here and maybe something to ponder on. A bit of hope that there is a recovery process and a bit of we have all been there so keep on keeping on! That is all.


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    Dittos to what Borg said.

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    It was a clue to keep a heads up for fellow posters that they may be going through things. A reminder of the phases we go through on here and maybe something to ponder on. A bit of hope that there is a recovery process and a bit of we have all been there so keep on keeping on!

    Speaking of which, has anyone heard from TheBiggestLie recently? Last I heard he was going to send a letter to his family and then he dropped off the face of the internet.




    , ' ( ' ,) - ?

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    - . . . ?

  • Sparkplug

    Anyhow...I apologise for not posting all I had to say this morning. Six explained that it looked like a loaded post...hell I guess it sure was. BUT truly was not. I just have had this reoccuring theme going on observing others about me lately. I di this on myspace a few days ago with this tidbit...

    "So as some of you all may have noticed I have removed a lot of my blogs. The reason being is that I wanted to look around and read all of yours for a while. I know that I could leave mine up and read yours while I do this. Maybe it was the symbolism of it all really.

    I was feeling a bit exposed, angry, self absorbed and lost and instead of running for cover and dropping out of sight completely I just stepped back and did some thinking. I often am an open book. That sets just fine with me most of the time. Truly I love to share my stories and hear what you all have to say about them. But for a bit I wanted to focus on others. Look at you all more than be looked at.

    So I have. I noticed some things and they have been beautiful. Did you know that so many of you have been in pain? You all are so strong and talented and beautiful? Many have children with ailments and have as parents been through such hard times. Custody battles and still fight some hard times. Many have not learned to let it all go and find that Zen and many are all about that Zen. I have lost some friend and gained some friends. Many have slowly revealed more of themselves and many have dropped out of sight.

    I see people that I have taken wedding photos for them and I smile for each union is truly special and I want to say hello! How are you? I wish I knew all of you better. I see my workmates that I still work with and I laugh and I see ones that moved away and I miss them. Like Hope...She is sorely missed and I did not even get to know her that well. But she made me laugh each day.

    Some of you I just go to your page for fashion tips like Stefan and Ms Jody Jones. Not that they would be too proud of me with my baseball hat and running late with no makeup attitude, but the desire is there and I am one damn good person...so who knows? The desire is there. lol

    I have seen some take some stands for some very righteous causes and watched a few of you find love and loose love. Some of you have found yourselves. Some of you have lost your faith in God and some of you have changed who you worship. Some have lost loved ones in death and I have cried with you and for you. This myspace thing truly is an amazing place.

    The jokes are great and the photos are sexy and funny and tell a tale each one of them. I am so happy when I turn to a page and see a photo I took displayed and wow..I am even more shocked when I see myself on a picture somewhere. I read the comments you leave me and I try so hard to think of something fitting for those of you I don't know so well.

    Sometimes I wonder about you that are famous and think to myself that I could do you some justice if I just had a shot at you with my camera. Then I see perhaps some of your snapshots and a small glimpse into your personal photos and have to giggle and think to myself that you are human too. I bet you get addicted to this place at times too and spend too much time browsing and scanning just the same as the rest of us.

    I read about all the people mourning over Carter and I feel for his loved ones and I see my friend Q moving on with his life and am so happy for his new life. Then I take a sneak peak at the pages of people I perhaps don't like so much and have to grin because I see they are human too and have common interest that I do and yes it may still bug the piss out of me. How funny is it that we are all humans and we get together and communicate and mingle here in this cyber world?

    I sent out a bulletin this week that xxxx sent out and it had all these personal questions. I was afraid to send it and it had the most incriminating questions. I was in shock by the answers. I was in shock that sooooooo many people responded. What was the best part was that in all the responses I was just reminded why I chose each of you. People are wonderful. Respectful and nobody dissapointed me. Everyone answered with what appeared to be honest and just downright good answers. None of this hush hush made me feel creepy stuff. I just decided I really like the people I talk to.

    Anyhow, I may start to blog again. I may put my old blogs back up. I really miss some of my old comments. But, maybe I will get new ones. (on my old blogs.)

    I just wanted you all to know I have been taking an interest in you and I like what I see. That is all and I just had to say.

    I am watching and I may just join back in now. I put my photos back up and will try not to be a stranger now. (I did not put them up for the whole world to see though) Just friends because well, I decided that some things get to be personal for a bit. If you know a bit about me I am sure you understand and if you don't just ask.

    I send my love and you all keep sharing. I am loving it! You all are just beautiful. Especially Mumsy. She is absolutely delicious."

    At any rate, I just am trying to listen. I miss so much even with all the listening I do already. I still miss so much. So I am tying to sit still and just "be" listen.

    Another thing...running off to work and not finishing my post was really a bad thing. I am sorry. And when I got home...well family called. So now, wired up as I am...I bid you goodnight and goodmorning!!

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