How Many Have Written a Book? Or Are Considering it?

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  • serotonin_wraith

    I've started one- giving my thoughts on religion and faith from a concerned atheist side. I'm not sure whether I will be including much of the story of my childhood being raised in a cult- some things yes, but not too much detail. I don't have that need.

    I've thought up a rough cover though. Low quality version:


    I'm thinking of doing a version with a black background too.

  • JK666

    I have started writing a novel, purely fictional in nature.


  • JK666

    I am sure glad that I have a external hard drive as a backup. My desktop HD took a dump on me this weekend! I have resorted to the laptop for now.



    I had a second HD, which I used as a backup. Well, when my main HD crashed, my daughters boyfriend inadvertently took out the bad HD and the PC got sent back to DELL with the good HD and all my photos, files etc. etc. And since DELL receives ca. 500 PC on pallets everyday, they were not about to go and isolate mine just to get the HD out for me. Bummer huh?


  • changeling

    As you guys know, I write essays and stories about ordinary things and personal impressions. Sometimes I feel there's a book "in me", but my short attention span gets in the way of writting anythig long.

    I attack everything in life with an "I've got to finish this" attitude. That gets in the way of the mulling over process required to write a book.

    If I ever do write one I'm sure it will win the "book written in the shortest amount of time" award.


  • rebel8


    Plus several others under my real name which I will not share here! :)

  • changeling

    streets76: I'm about to read your book. I just read the intro and backround pages.

    Thanks for including that excerpt from the "Paradise..." book. Being a child in the early sixties, that was my generation's "Bible Story Book'. At the age of 3 I knew and could tell others someting about each picture in that book. My mother unleashed me on a rather difficult householder when featureing this book in FS. I described every single picture for her. She took the book. She probably wanted me out of her house.

    Reading that excerpt now, makes me realize why I'm rather weird. No wonder I love Hannibal Lecter!!!!


  • Bryan

    I'll be signing my book Have You Seen My Mother(parental abduction in the "Truth") next month at Barnes & Noble in the Tri-Cities. Currently, I'm a stay at home dad and find it impossible to write so I'm only promoting at the moment (which is more work than writing). Next June he's 3 and off to Montesory School and I'll be back on track.

    I've got two non-fiction and fiction I need to get busy on...


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Leolaia

    I am writing a book right now and I have a contract with a publisher (I am supposed to submit at the end of the year), but I have been having such a HORRIBLE case of writer's block this month. So you may not see much of me today here, as I try to resolve this block and finish the chapter...

  • JeffT

    I have one novel based loosely on my experience with JW's and an alternate history series I'm trying to get published no luck so far.

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