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  • lawrence

    Hey New York-

    Right on! Yeah, going door to door telling people that the whole street will be devoid of eyeballs, and left for carion birds doesn't improve the mood [swings]. Does it?

  • Blueblades

    They have been known to appoint as elders manic depressive brothers as long as they take their meds. Go figure. Does a manic depressive person need more work to do? And one brother that I know couldn't wait to be appointed even knowing that he had on again off again depression with the meds.


  • Sunspot
    And I imagine that the way to get over depression is more study, more field service, don't miss any meetings, blah, blah, blah...In other words, it is all your fault "brothers". If you had been doing these things you would not be depressed.

    You imagined it right!

    The WTS has shown that it does not CARE about the individual JW... only just how PRODUCTIVE they can be for the WTS! BE at ALL the meetings, pick up your WTS publications....and get out and PLACE THEM!!! The WT will keep JWs too BUSY with WTS pursuits that they won't NOTICE they are depressed!

    The WTS is about the worst thing for the clinically depressed. You can never live up to the
    standards and you never feel Jehovah's spirit upon you, so you feel bad that you are doing so
    much for Jehovah's organization and are still depressed. The brothers make you feel like you
    are not truly doing it right, hence MORE DEPRESSION. It's a vicious circle.

    OnTheWayOut says it all: This was my experience with depression. The solution was to leave the Kingdumb Bell.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    That's wrong on so many levels. It's certainly not in harmony with The Society's current understanding and published articles. After suffering for years at Bethel with severe bouts of depression and the thought that I needed to "be strong and just do more", I finally sought help. Since I was already above and beyond the Bethel average, they certainly couldn't tell me that I needed to "just do more". They didn't hesitate to medicate. I found out that there were lots of others in Bethel on anti-depressants even stronger than what I'm taking.

    What they've said needs to be severely corrected. Carefully hang on to what was said, and try to find others that heard and will confirm what was stated. This could be valuable information for future use.

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