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  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    I know an elder who believes that depression does not exist!! He has regularly told publishers to pray more and go out in ministry more to conquer the feelings of depression. He is incredibly insensitive. Some of the publishers that suffer depression have had huge problems, be it illness or bereavement or the like.

    One case in particular was a sister that got so bad with feelings of depression and loneliness after her "elder" husband died she attempted suicide!!!! Without giving further details - this was so badly handled it is shocking.

    She no longer attends meetings - "not disfellowshipped or anything" but treated as if she was disfellowshipped. Her own daughter "who is in the org" ignores her.

    But do not foget - its the most loving brotherhood in the world!!!!!

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    The best thing that helped my depression was getting away from the Organization because IT was the cause.

  • Gill

    Leaving the bOrg is not far off an guaranteed cure for depression that has its roots in lifestyle rather than organic disease.

    The bOrg doesn't want people to know that it is the cause of their depression and bizarre stress related illnesses and so it tells them to do more for the bORg if they become depressed!

    Sick organization full of sadly sick people!!

    Since leaving the bORg, apart from counselling, I have been to the doctors only on two occassions and that was for a physical injury. Before leaving the bORg I was constantly ill and seeing FOUR different consultants for different illnesses! Go figure that one out!!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I used to deal with moderate bouts of depression. It would come on without any [seeming] reason. It would last for weeks or months sometimes. I never medicated for it, as I believed it could be vanquished by attitude and time.

    A few weeks ago I was speaking with my wife about it and realized that I have not had a single bout since I DA'd. [I did have a few episodes after leaving and before I da'd]. I honestly believe mine was created by the cognitive dissonance that I must of been fighting for years.

    Seems as if many cults oppress you, then blame you for a reaction to that oppression [depression].


  • blondie

    Imagine telling someone the same thing only substitute "cancer" or "diabetes." Obviously, this man fails to see that depression is a medical condition.

  • Gordy
    the brother used the scriptures about Elijah and the widow to show who was relying on Jehovah.
    He mentioned how the widow was obviously depressed. Then showed how she should have been like Elijah.

    Didn't he know that many Christian scholars think that Elijah was a manic-depressive (bipolar). One minute he would be up and next moaning about his life, and why things were happening to him. Asking God to take his life because he was so miserable.

    Not exactly best example for getting over depression.

    I suffered from "acute clinical depression" the help I got was zero. Apart from the usual attend meetings and do field service. And to get my JW wife to get me out the home because I was a "spiritual danger" to the family.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Rely on Jehovah and just GET OVER your depression.
    He kept hitting on how if we rely on Jehovah and his Borg, we will not need to be depressed.

    Yes, the best the organization has to offer is local meetings that tell the depressed
    that they SHOULD NOT BE depressed.

    Go to 5 weekly meetings, pray, distribute literature, read the literature in all the time
    you have left. There is no further need to be depressed.

    If your health is bad, you have the resurrection, plus the pioneer service will get you
    exercise and fresh air.
    If you have worldly family, you have the brotherhood.
    If you miss dead loved ones, you have the resurrection and the brotherhood.
    If you have money problems, keep it simple, read the literature for advice.
    If I didn't cover your problem, well- go to 5 weekly meetings, pray, distribute literature and read the literature.

    Who has time to be depressed with all that?

    The WTS is about the worst thing for the clinically depressed. You can never live up to the
    standards and you never feel Jehovah's spirit upon you, so you feel bad that you are doing so
    much for Jehovah's organization and are still depressed. The brothers make you feel like you
    are not truly doing it right, hence MORE DEPRESSION. It's a vicious circle.

  • JH
    GET OVER your depression

    Yeah, come back to the Org, and give all your time and effort and money once more.

    You're not allowed to fall sick, get poor or depressed cause the Watchtower needs your resources.

  • lawrence

    Breakfast at the Faithful House--

    15 milligrams for Elder Tommy,

    12 milligrams for Pioneer Wifey;

    8 milligrams for 17 year old quit-school-to-pioneer Lucy,

    and 6 milligrams for little Joey.

    Orange juice, and get juiced as a family- it's one day closer to Paradise!

    (The Kingdumb CD plays in background ... Ours is the God of True Sovereignty..)

  • NewYork44M

    The message from the elders is that depression is evidence of a lack of faith. Re-enforcing the guilt factor.

    The solution is always - Do more pray more go out inservice more study more go to meetings more.

    No wonder so many people are so f&*(*&^g depressed.

    I got over my depression by getting rid of my wt faith and my wt wife. Bet you won't hear that recommendation at a kh.

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