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  • metaspy

    Here is something I thought was a bit weird.
    Tonights local needs was about depression. Not so much in how we can help those with depression, but about getting over it.
    the brother used the scriptures about Elijah and the widow to show who was relying on Jehovah.
    He mentioned how the widow was obviously depressed. Then showed how she should have been like Elijah.
    As I sat there and listened, I realized his underlying message:
    Rely on Jehovah and just GET OVER your depression.
    He kept hitting on how if we rely on Jehovah and his Borg, we will not need to be depressed.
    I kept thinking, "how many people need to be depressed? They just are."

    Yet another proof that they dont really care about you.
    they just want you to get over it and do what they say.

  • prophecor

    Sounds like they want them to stop btcnihg and just Man Up!!! Quit your belly aching!!! Yet, if they're stuck with minds in suspended animation from having been led a fed a bunch of dribble regarding the soon to be end, coming to a theatre near you, they have a lot to be depressed about. Not that I think theres going to be no end, but I'll never believe that the society has a handle of any kind on when it will be. There is much to bemoan in the once merry old land of OZ.

  • jaded

    And I imagine that the way to get over depression is more study, more field service, don't miss any meetings, blah, blah, blah...In other words, it is all your fault "brothers". If you had been doing these things you would not be depressed.



    Every problem to the WTS is solved by going to all the meetings,putting in more hours in field service,and praying more. The Elders have an answer to all your problems. They really don't care what your problems are. They have no compassion for anyone.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis


    I do not want you to compromise your position, but would you mind letting us know your general location in the U.S.? Sometimes, subjects such as these are viewed through regionally/culturally colored glasses.


  • oompa

    I thought the widow was "worried" about food. Ask this moron why it is "obvious" she was depressed. God it sounds like he is a writer for WT. So half of every hall is on meds because they are not relying of Jehovah?

    I want to kick some a$$ now....oompa

  • Gopher
    the brother used the scriptures about Elijah and the widow to show who was relying on Jehovah.
    He mentioned how the widow was obviously depressed. Then showed how she should have been like Elijah.

    This is taking the verse totally out of its context. "How she should have been like Elijah" is not the lesson of the account.

    The widow's son had just died, and she was all alone. Who wouldn't be down in a time like that? It's human nature to have down times and sometimes even a bit of depression when feeling helpless.

    The clincher -- if you go to 1 Kings 19, at another time Elijah himself was shown as feeling depressed and feeling sorry for himself, because it seemed that Ahab and Jezebel were in power and Elijah had to run for his life.

    So I guess we should be more like Ahab and Jezebel because they weren't depressed, and Elijah was!

    The mind boggles at some of this logic spouted from Kingdom Hall platforms.

  • BFD

    I am sure the WT$ will change thier tune after they buy up some stock in pharmaceuticals.


  • knock knock
    knock knock

    Gopher, that's great! lol

    I remember some 20 years ago it was being taught, in the area that I was anyway, that depression was caused by not doing enough for the org and the quick, simple cure was to just get over it and carry on doing more of whatever they wanted you to do. Many were depressed already as it was just a depressing area! Anyway, after a few years it finally dawned on some of these knuckleheads that there might actually be more to depression than they thought and so began to ease up on the depressed folk - most likely because those elders et al began to have difficulties that caused THEM to be quite depressed.

    Alas, it seems as if what goes around comes around and it's back to the get over it routine. The WT organization is extremely dangerous for this reason, they know all the answers yet really haven't a clue.

    Sorry if that's too rambly and tangential, depression you know ;) j/k, I simply don't know how to express clearly!

  • moshe

    The subliminal message from the elders is, "go bother Jehovah with your problems, not us!"

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