Was There Any Watchtower Interpretation That You Never Quite Understood?

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  • Honesty

    I understood all of it.

    Still do.

    It's all about the "Faithful Slave" and if you don't accept it then you are rejecting God.

  • bigmouth

    FFF, this is one of mine too. Not more than one day after conception and Jehovah recognised the embryo as a human. So, no resurrection?!

    Bonnie said; " I asked how this could be because it said "immediately." He explained that "immediately" could really be 1900+ years, .." Never worked the 'time' thing out. As the Prophet Lord Morrissey asked, "How Soon Is Now?"

    Aside from The WT, the Bible itself has plenty that I can't get my head around such as children will not suffer for their fathers sins. The WT has never even tried to explain that as far as I can tell.

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    Unless you drink my blood and eat my flesh you can not have everlasting life. How many times did Jesus say that? And in Acts could some have repented then partook?

    Those people(jewish although it was the multitude who followed him around) took that to literally mean Jesus blood and flesh how dare him want us to eat his flesh and blood. The JDUB always side track and focuse on the Jewish people and their laws instead of what Jesus was saying! They also taught because the Jewish people rejected Jesus, later he only offered only to the apostles. Because the Jewish people rejected Jesus it is not literal 144,000 it is a spiritual Iseralites class of Jehovah Witness who can partake. But it was the multitude!

    The Generation will no means pass away until the end comes! Well so it changed! As children that was brain washed into our heads!

    The best of them all when Rutherford miss quoted Jesus quote! "World War 1 and reports of wars!" so modern day JDUB say look how awful the time period is we live in! if they would finish Jesus words he said not to worry.

    Jesus has set up his earthly Kingdom(JDUBs) yet the nations are still going against Nations until Jesus destroys them. Jesus will brake the image in Daniel, yet if he has set up his earthly kingdom then how come nations are still going agianst nations until the end comes.

    I do understand the JDUB doctrines I just do not believe in them anymore at all!

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Minimus said:

    I never understood why they still teach the contents of the Revelation Climax! book! The interpretations are so far fetched, it's laughable!!

    I thank my lucky stars that the F&D Slave has seen fit to drag us through the Revelation Orgasmic Climax book yet again. This is truly "meat in due season". The "season" of waking up my family that is. There is so much crap that is put right in our face and dutifully emphasized by our CBSO that I don't have to look like the crazed disgruntled muckraker. It's great! Only JWs are gonna survive the Big A!! (about 3 weeks ago) Trumpet blasts pretty much equal Rutherford's 1920's rants! (2 weeks ago).

    My wife and kids are pretty much in one of two modes during these meetings: 1. Snoring 2. WTF?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Brooklyn!!! ( 3 times for emphasis. )

    You truly give me hope!

    Open Mind

  • bonnzo

    The idea that the FDS has to be a "class", not one person. How about each individual Christian being a faithful slave that gets "rewarded" with a promotion(over domestics) for being faithful and discreet? Who says every parable has a prophetic meaning?

    If the 144,000 is a literal number, and the 24 elders are the 144,000, which is literal? Why can't they both be figuative?

    and the list goes on.........

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    Years ago, I posted this on Silent Lambs but I no longer have the quote or book to back it up. It was a little girl sitting on a man's lap. The quote, "Even demons can make you fondle a child's sex organs." The paragraph said that when a child comes forward. The person who the child is blaming and child can come together and that would help the person. So they protected the sick person!

    So blame everything on demons! I took the book and quote to a professional and he said that no religion would write such a thing! and to get by with it he must have been a very sick person and high up in the religion. He said it was a mind of a perverted person. Also, why would someone want to write something and allow young children to view this subject? only to gain his own personal kick. Most Christians try to protect their young from subjects like this one.

  • minimus

    The fear of demons when you're supposed to be protected because you're a good JW is perplexing. If the "name of Jehovah is a strong tower" for his Witnesses why be so scared of the demons???

  • Younglove1999

    about a year or so ago, we had that WT about marriage ceremonies and there was this one paragraph about Jesus being at a wedding and turning the water into fine wine and the FDS was trying to use that to prove that nobody got intoxicated at that wedding because if they were, he would have turned the wine into watered down less than fine wine because apparently the custom was to break out the bad wine after everyone got drunk off the good wine.

    my husband were like "WTH?!that's a far reach up the a.s!!" to make that assumption. They were using that "fact" as a reason why we shouldn't get drunk at weddings.

    it was just so bizarre and random- it rubbed me the wrong way

  • minimus

    I thought it was brought out before that Christ would only use the best wine, since he wouldn't do anything inferior. It would be reasonable to think that Jesus made the reception attenders "joyful" because of the quality of vino.

  • Younglove1999

    the whole thing was weird and wishy washy- I couldn't figure out what they were trying to say or how they concluded that Jesus' example was one we should follow and by follow it meant "no getting drunk at weddings" I just couldn't follow any sort of logic

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