Was There Any Watchtower Interpretation That You Never Quite Understood?

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  • primitivegenius

    how about the "new horse s***" they had over how to interpret GENERATIONS..... how its not the 80 yr lifespan of a human............ but the way people thought.................................... yeah uh huh.

    FACT is they covering their asses when the time frame for those peeps if you multiplied the number of generations by the ages of peeps at 80 yrs............. that was ten years ago lol......

    ok so we were wrong......... we dont know s*** but please still buy our magazines and accept our brainwashing.

  • minimus

    The whole judicial committee process is not even found in the Christian scriptures. The scripture in James says to openly confess your sins to one another. But the WT. says ignore that. Only talk to the elders!

  • Emma

    The blood issue. Either yes or no; how on earth they can justify fractions has always been beyond me. You either pour it out on the ground or you don't.

  • minimus

    Emma, I totally concur.

    And why are Witnesses really a Jewish offshoot religion? They base most of their ways of doing things based upon pre-Christian ways of life.

  • changeling

    That the those resurrected on earth would not marry or bear children. That sounds OK for heaven but not very human IMO.

    And when they introduced fractions... either you "abstain" from blood according to their definition of abstain, or you take blood. You can't have it both ways and still make sense.


  • erandir

    When I was 8, I asked the midst of a book study how a person could be brought back to life in the resurrection after being non-existent. The Society was claiming that a person non-existent in death was at the same time preserved in God's memory in a fashion similar to audiotape or film. I said that I didn't understand this because these things preserve only a copy of the person, but not the person himself/herself. It seemed almost as if a copy of me would be resurrected, not me. The study conductor did not answer my question to my satisfaction. The Society never has as well.

    Leolaia, OMG, finally someone who thinks the same thing I have! I've had this conversation with my wife over and over, but she doesn't get it. If I die and decompose, that is it. Any recreation of that body would be a copy of me. Someone else running around with my memories. Unless something of my current existance survived and passed on to this new shell, I don't see how it would be possible for that new person to be me and that I would know it. This, in my opinion, would be "proof" of the soul's existence.

    Then there are other philosophical issues tied into this. How is it that I know I exist...self awareness? When I die, will I know I am dead? What will happen to my memories if I stay dead? Or is the fact that I have memories and am self aware proof that I have a soul that will never die? Is the current moment in time that I experience right now just memories I'm reliving on my death bed or in heaven or in the afterlife?

    But true, the watchtower doesn't have a satisfying explanation for resurrection and also for why we don't have an immortal soul for sure. Just because the bible says so is not a good enough reason. The bible needs to fully explain why or why not.

  • nvrgnbk

    I never understood the means by which Jesus/Holy Spirit/Jehovah/Angels communicated with the Governing Body.

    Tap on the shoulder?

    Whisper in the ear?

    Shekinah light?

    Really bad gas?

    If they receive illumination by reading portions of the Bible and praying and voting and a 2/3 majority wins, I see no evidence whatsoever of Divine guidance in that process.

    Their opinions are no better than mine or yours.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Nah I understood them well it was all contrived BS to make a kingdom for themselves and help sell their wares, they had the opportunity given to them by the government of the land so they

    took and ran with it.

    A market cult like so many others.

  • cyberguy

    why the 144,000 is a literal #

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    It baffled me as to why there would be no resurrection of babies who died. Weren't they viewed as individuals even before birth?

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