Guess Who's Getting Married...

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  • cultswatter

    Your gonna throw out my stats!

  • Sparkplug
    Your gonna throw out my stats!

    eh? I was reading Sixes post. LMAO at this...

    10) Ye Old Glassblower makes nothing but crack pipes.

    2) Merlin the Magician's only trick is "Got your nose!"

    And I got a lil teary eyed too.

  • Sparkplug
    Thank you again everyone. It almost feels like having family.

    Which leads to a little whine: my head has been in a completely confused state for the past several weeks, trying to figure out how to, and how much to, include (witness) family-- over and above my normal confused state when trying to plan anything. It colors the way we have to think about what sort of festivities to plan: do we have a small ceremony, and then a big party? Do we have a mid-sized ceremony, and then a big apostate laden party? Etc etc.

    Baah, it has forced a painful epiphany for me: I don't really have my family anymore. I have much more ability to have family contact than many of you reading this, but in the end, for the important things, they just aren't going to be there. They are gone. And when they find out that Decki is an ex-witness, they are just going to be that much more gone. It probably wouldn't be worth it (for either side) to make special arrangements just for the one or two witness family members who might come.

    Enough whining.

    In honor of Ross and Diane:

    Top 15 Signs you're at a Bad Renaissance Festival


    15) The castle and village are made entirely of legos.

    14) Turkey leg bears striking resemblance to Cocker Spaniel leg.

    13) Festival activities include "Ye Olde Wet T-Shirt Contest."

    12) Eight minute drum solo in the middle of "Greensleeves."

    11) "Belly up to the bar, me lad, for some grilled mahi-mahi and fresh California roll!"

    10) Ye Old Glassblower makes nothing but crack pipes.

    9) The meade is served in a coconut shell with a Fizzy straw.

    8) Everyone seems to have attended the Kevin Costner School of British Accents.

    7) Mosh pit follows the wandering minstrels.

    6) Guillotine exhibit closed due to pending litigation.

    5) Friar Tuck's pager keeps going off.

    4) The Disgusting Ogre is merely an unshaved Marlon Brando.

    3) "Tarry, wench, I prithee! Wouldst thou Macarena?"

    2) Merlin the Magician's only trick is "Got your nose!"

    and the Number 1 Sign You're at a Bad Renaissance Festival...

    1) Jousting Crips & Bloods.

    I have to bring this back to the top because I am still a little bit sad about this. I already know my family will not be going. I have always known this. Even IF I were a JW, they would not be attending. Somehow it just seems that I was just not the kid that got that kind of attention from them. BUT Not telling Sixy's family I am an Ex Jw only bothers me because I know it would bother them to attend if they knew.

    I was just curious if any other Ex JW couples went through this?

  • Es

    My folks didnt come to my wedding either babe, infact they literally had to be dragged to my first wedding when I did marry a JW, dad wasnt going to walk me down the ailse and they wernt even going to come to the reception, they changed there minds on these at the last min, but they sat at my reception with a constant sour look on there face.

    So I was actually glad they didnt come to my second wedding, I was at least able to enjoy myself.

    Wish I could be at your wedding babe


  • Sparkplug
    My folks didnt come to my wedding either babe, infact they literally had to be dragged to my first wedding when I did marry a JW

    I am sorry it was like that for you too es. I don't understand why it is like that for some. I think this religion just messes up the natural love that should be there. I tell you what, I can't imagine missing my kids wedding. You know? And to tell you the truth, I really am relieved my family is not going. It would sadden me more and make it all awkward. I asked the two that are here and got a big no, and pretty much a no on the other one. The only one I am sad won't be there is my brother.

    The important peeps will be there and for that I am thankful. (Six being the main one of course) Then the inner family.

    And I am really excited anytime I get together with all of you. As someone just told me, it is like a big family.

  • Es

    Thats exactly right, whats important is to have people at your wedding that you know will suport you and make it a great day. Like I said I would have been on tender hooks if my folks had come to my second wedding, this way I got to do things like throw the bouquet and have my garter taken off and make toasts without feeling there disgust over it.

    Luv ya


  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Congratulations! Such a cute couple!

  • RAF

    Sorry I'm late on this one ... Congrats Sixy and Decki !!!

    When When When???... Where Where Where??? ... I wish I could be there

    Much love to both of you!!!

  • Xena

    You guys set a date yet???

  • Dansk


    I love being married and wish you as much happiness as I've had!


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