More arrogance - don't they get it??

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  • WTWizard

    They can hold bake sales, but only to support spreading the scam into Africa where they don't need it. But, just try holding a bake sale to support your school or to help someone (who is not a Witless) that is in need, and they will harass you to death for it. Or, try giving to the Red Cross to help someone in a disaster (big or small), and they will have a stroke. Even putting up a worldly person after they had a fire (that was not their fault) is a sin, while they are supposed to do the same act for a Witless that probably doesn't deserve it.

    Personally, I wish I could hold bake sales and charity drives to help businesses get the Internet through Africa and make computers affordable there. A lot of opportunity would come from there. People there could get educated and start solving their own problems instead of having another We Are The World famine relief drive (perhaps we should get We Are the World resurrected, but this time to computerize the Third World). For sure, it would make people a lot less receptive to the Witlesses when they call there. And, one catch could be that some apostate Web site like Freeminds be displayed, in their native language, as their home page so they would be encouraged to stay away from that parasite.


    Oz..Good evening!..Good thread.....More WBT$ bullsh*t!.....How many people do they help in local communities?..Day to day......Not just a disaster,they can milk the local government for.....WBT$ does nothing,without expecting a handsome profit..Or..Expecting Favours or opportunity down the road..Ever!!...OUTLAW

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Our congregation had a garage sale to raise money for the Kingdom Hall about 1992. I went back in my Kingdom Ministry's and found a Question Box that specifically said this was wrong. I made a copy and posted it on the information board when no one was looking. Never heard a word--the posting was quickly removed. If I could find that Kingdom Ministry, I'd post it. Seems like it's totally forgotten.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    They are all clearly tuned to channel FM 1914 WTBS, Brooklyn. Their radios are stuck there.


  • inbyathread





    Is it all right for the congregation or a few brothers to hold a "garage sale" or other such "sales" for the financial

    benefit of the congregation and make it a congregational matter"?

    If a member of a congregation wants to hold a "garage sale," that is something of a personal nature and for him to decide. What he does with such proceeds thereafter would also be a personal matter. However, it is never appropriate for anyone to make such sale a congregation matter or indicate in any way that the congregation is involved.

    Each Kingdom Hall provides a contribution box where contributions for the congregation can be made on a completely voluntary basis. The Scriptures clearly indicate that Christians should have the opportunity to contribute for necessary congregation expenses, but this should be done willingly, from the heart, not by appealing to a desire for personal material gain in return for what is given.—2 Cor. 9:7.

  • sweetstuff

    Good post, of course they only help their own, they are a cult after all! I remember having a conversation with my mother when I was a teenager on this very subject, why were weren't encouraged to help out in our communities and donate time and money to worthy causes. Her response was that the "message of the bible is the best charity work we can do, its the only hope for mankind" (brainwashed much?) I pointed out, its pretty darn hard to listen to the bible when your stomach is growling so loudly that's all you can hear. She looked at me kind of dumbfounded and refused to discuss it further. Blooming cult.

  • ozziepost
    I pointed out, its pretty darn hard to listen to the bible when your stomach is growling so loudly that's all you can hear. She looked at me kind of dumbfounded and refused to discuss it further.

    Perhaps because she's never seen that except maybe on TV?

    which again illustrates the smugness and arrogance that results from the self-centeredness of the Witness view of the world.

  • JK666


    The arrogance is no better promulaged than the arrogance of the WTS: Trust us, put the funds in the WORLD WIDE WORK. Instead of going toward what you are concerned about, they will pay off pedo lawsuits.

    Trust me, why would I lie, I am JEHOVAH'S appointed servant!

    Sheeple make me sick!


  • tula

    Why can't they be prosecuted for FRAUD?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Charity in Watchtower World:

    -- Solicit donations to fund construction of Kingdom Halls in poorer countries, acquire title to these monies, pool it and then LOAN it at interest for KIngdom Hall building, or to finance unnecessary renovations to perfectly adequate Halls that Cicuit Overseers and regional Building Committees coax locals to agree to; use it to build branch and assembly facilties to which they ultimately acquire title; to request and organize volunteer workers to rebuild homes of JWs in disaster-stricken areas, then ``suggest" to the beneficiaries that the ``loving thing to do" would be to sign over their homeowners' insurance payments to you-know-who ``for the worldwide preaching work."

    --- France is one nation that has not been hoodwinked, refusing to buy the JW party line that hawking their literature to a largely unwilling public constitutes the moral equivalence of charity expressed by funding hospitals, orphanges and schoods, they're hitting the WTBS with a back-tax levy in excess of $50 million.

    -- By the way, if anyone is disposed to donate to charity and wonders whether a prospective recipient is worthy, excellent means of making such a determination.

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