How many of you have food stored in case of an emergency??

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  • Finally-Free

    I remember a few years ago I was on a business trip in Ottawa when there was a power outage. It happened around 3 AM and woke me up because my CPAP machine turned off. The power was out for several hours, Since I could no longer sleep I checked out of the hotel and went looking for breakfast. No one opened for business until the power came on much later, and I couldn't even get a convenience store to sell me a chocolate bar or loaf of bread because they couldn't (or wouldn't) get into their tills. I had to drive about an hour to another town before I found a place with the power on. I'd hate to have a major power outage at home and have trouble buying things. I'm also a bit accident prone and injure myself regularly, so now I tend to keep enough food and other supplies aound the house to last me a full month. This way, shopping is always an option rather than a necessity.


  • AGuest

    Because I am a diabetic, I have a small "kit" in the trunk of my car (though, how I can get in the truck in, say, an accident, I don't yet know)... and another in the house (we live in quake country, so)...

    But no storehouse... no sealed barrels of... whatever. Some canned nutrition, candy (for sugar), soup, jerky, first aid kit, flares, light stick, whistle (which I also carry on my key chain, along with a little light - learned I could SOS with either, if I needed to)... that's about it. Need to get some water put up, but since the stuff in the plastic bottles is only good for six months, I keep delaying. Anyway....


    SA (on my own)

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