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  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Hey Purps,

    Welcome back. I work at a hospital. If people knew how many mistakes were made each day, they would run. At least, no one was hurt. They can just scan the right part. Hopt your job situation works out for you.

    Hugs, choosing Life

  • penny2


    Change is scary, but can lead to better things.


  • purplesofa

    thanks everyone........

    I have some numbers to call today for furniture sales, we will see how it goes.


    Koh-i-noor pens and some good archival quality paper

    thanks for the name of some good pens, I have been checking out the craft stores here and already spent a small fortune on pens, markers, paper and pencils. But can't seem to get the quality I want. I knew there had to be something good out there. Thanks.

    My mind drifts and I think about putting on the jeans, pack up the car, art supplies in tote and just drive ....starving artist.....but what an adventure.

    working on my website.




  • quietlyleaving

    so sorry purps - I hope you find a really rewarding job soon

  • tula

    purps...the artist adventure might be just what you need.

    Start out as a vacation and see if you like it.

    It may relax you to the point of clearing your mind.

    You may not always find the better art supplies in craft stores. For the pens--there's quite a selection. (also Leroy and rapidograph)

    You might try an architectual supply store. Or an artists supply for better quality. Don't know if you have Pearl in your area...they have

    a good selection of student grade and professional grade. If there is an art school nearby...maybe find out where other artists shop.

    The quality of your materials will make a difference in saleability of your work.

    "starving artist" is a thing of the past. Many artists today are good business people. Some even laugh all the way to the bank.

    Check out this guy.

    excerpt: "Jasper Johns made history when his painting "White Flag" sold for $7 million in 1988. The next day he broke his own record when a second painting sold for $17 million. But this 56-minute 1989 PBS documentary makes it clear that Johns's work is not about commerce; it's about the expression of his brand of intellectualism."

    Jasper Johns, "White Flag" (1955) Metropolitan Museum of Art

    In the meantime, check out some local week-end art shows in your area. You will need to have a body of work to show. I would aim for a juried show, if I were you. That way, you have possibility of prize money and some smaller sales.

    The cards(should you decide to do that) could be your "bread and butter" items. ( Affordable for anybody and hopefully lots of small sales)

    Even if you need to continue working in the nursing field for awhile because its secure, you can get your feet wet with some week-end shows(after you get a body of work done) and start networking with other artists to find out where the "good" shows are. (by "good" I mean crowd turn out, prize money, caliber of the work shown) After all, you don't want to have fine art and end up in a show with corn cob dolls. So you need to know the target market.

    Well, I hope I have given you something to think about.

    I just see a real talent you have and would like to see you develop that to fullest. It is a great (and enviable) personal achievement to be able to do what you enjoy most AND to be able to make a living doing it.

  • snowbird

    I just saw this. I'm sorry about all the drama. I work with a cutthroat, so I know the feeling. Here's a as requested.


  • purplesofa


    thanks for all the great info and encouragement!!!!!

    I have an interview tomorrow for outside sales job (lighting) to builders and contractors!!!!

    Im nervous but confident.


  • eclipse

    I am confident that you will impress them, purps!




  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Well, AK-Jeff already gave you a double-hug, so I'm gonna give you a "Tiger Hug".

    Brace Yourself!!!

    Hang in there Purps.

    Open Mind

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