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  • changeling


    You are clever, savy, and good with people. This will work itself out and you will be just fine.


  • flipper

    Purps, Hugs and more hugs from Mr. & Mrs. Flipper. Ditto to what Changeling said. You have a very engaging personality, are a smart woman and many skills that any employer would die for! Not only are you a valuable contributor on this board, but with your social skills added to your work skills, you will land on your feet again and make valuable contributions to prospective employers. Keep your chin up girl, somethin will pop up!! Life is like that, it will come when you least expect it, that is , the good things too! If ya lived where we are, I'd hire you right now ! Peace out my friend, Mr. Flipper

  • Hortensia

    life sucks sometimes. I'll give you my favorite mantra for times that suck. It's from Archie and Mehitabel which no one reads any more but it is really great. Mehitabel is an alley cat with a hard life. When things go wrong she sings "wotthehell wotthehell, toujours gai I always say, there's life in the old girl yet!" Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll get out of this mess and into something you like better.

  • dobbie

    Hugs to you Purps xxx hang in there im sure something will turn up for you soon xx

  • bluebell

    as requested!

    hope all goes well and you get your jobs sorted and be happy

  • nvrgnbk

    Remember, you were looking for a job when you found that one.

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  • bebu


    Last Wed. I discovered that the pharmacy had misread my son's prescription, and given only half strength tablets of his daily meds. I was a bit unhappy!!... but I accepted the apology without giving them hell. ...Probably because I screwed up royally 10 days ago by not informing someone of something I should have. (NO, it wasn't life threatening, but still it is embarrassing to have to admit choking when I should have been forthright.)

    So certainly we all make mistakes, even when we are doing our very best. And I think about "doing unto others" (forgive) what I hope to receive myself. You are a hard working, decent person, and nobody thinks less of you for all of this.

    HUGS to you, you 'human bean' you.


  • tula


    You have a talent and I am not sure you even recognize it for what it is.

    I hope you will spend time doing some more drawings.

    They are really fantastic.

    You could have a new career that could be stress free.

    Of course, artists do sacrifice a lot in the way of materialism...but heck...if you spent a lot of time in service, you should be used to that.

    Week-end art shows can be a lot of fun and lucrative.

    Just think of all the money you can save. Really. Stop and figure what you have to spend to work in the nine to five world...hosiery alone for a months supply. Make-up. Clothing to maintain a standard. Gas. Plus the backstabbers and being the fall guy for doctors mistakes,etc.

    If you can decide to do without all that...

    I would say go buy yourself a good set of Koh-i-noor pens and some good archival quality paper...and get going.

    You could also photograph the drawings and make cards...so you do a drawing and then sell it thousands of times.

    The possibilities are endless with your art.

    Anyway, think about it.


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