My nana is dying :(

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  • journey-on

    Sometimes they're just ready to go. I hope you have an opportunity to tell her what she meant to you and how much she will be missed. So sorry, dear........Journey-on

  • Es

    Thank you all.

    This is by far the hardest loss of all my grandparents.

  • juni


    Love, Juni

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    So sorry, Es:

    I know it's difficult as there are similarities between your story and mine. My cousin and I were just talking about how wonderful it was to have had our grandparents as long as we did. They lived very long lives and we were close to them. They were our safe haven, like with you.
    I still dream about them all the time. They were central to who I am today.

    Peace and love to you and yours,


  • Junction-Guy

    I'm so sorry you are going through this, try to remember all the good times with her.

    I went through a similar thing 4 years ago. My grandma (active JW) was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She refused all treatment and was dead within a month of diagnosis. We had just visited her the weekend before the diagnosis. She went into a hospice facility and lasted about 2 weeks.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  • LoverOfTruth

    Do you think perhaps she has hung on as long as she has for you? Lord knows, she has endured so much emotional suffering with the loss of her son. Try not to be angry at her.

  • zeroday
    But Im also angry, angry that she is giving up its almost like she is committing a slow suicide, harsh I know but thats what is kind of feels like. I want her to keep living,

    My Grandfather died in the early 80's and I can remember my Father being very angry that he did not fight to the bitter end. Then my Father died in 2004 (prostate cancer) he refused all treatment and anything that would prolong his life and I remembered his words about his father and I wondered why he did not fight to the bitter end. I think we all have a vision how our last days will be but until that time comes we really don't know how we will react. I guess sometimes you get to a point that you want it to end...

  • onacruse


    I don't want to seem being a heartless bastard, but: We ALL die. That is the one demonstrable truth of life of every living thing.

    I've had to face it with my brother, and my father's sister, and my first wife, and many others (some whom I've only met via JWD) whom I've known over the years. There is no getting away from it.

    Nevertheless, you have my heartfelt very sincerest heartfelt feelings, about your loss.


  • Hortensia

    I am so sorry for you and your grandmother. Be sure to go and tell her you love her. It's natural - my mother didn't want to live if she couldn't go home to her own house, so she had them pull the plug and that was that.

  • worldtraveller

    You are lucky to have had time for your grandparent(s). I never ever met any of mine. I wanted to, but it just wasn't in the cards.

    I would suggest you make sure you tell her everything you need to before it's too late. Make peace with her. You know how after someone you love passes on, and then you wished you had time to tell her something. I wanted to tell my mom a few years ago how I was glad I had her, but to my sadness, I went to visit her and found her in her final rest in bed. It broke my heart that I could not speak with her any more.

    Make the final days the best days.

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